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Properly selected nursery wallpaper will not only serve as a beautiful wall decoration but will also create a cozy environment for your child to grow and develop their creativity. As the walls take up a lot of space in the room, it’s important to choose a nursery wallpaper that doesn’t contain any harmful materials, creates a positive atmosphere, and meets both your and your child’s tastes.

Not sure how to get started when choosing a nursery wallpaper? Find a wide selection of PVC-free nursery peel and stick wallpaper designs on Fancy Walls that will appeal to both boys and girls, and their parents as well! All designs are printed using water-based inks.

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Nursery wallpaper ideas

When planning a nursery interior, your main goal should be to create a room that your child will love even as they grow up but also don’t forget about creating a pleasant atmosphere for yourself as a parent, too. These nursery peel and stick wallpaper ideas will help you define the main concept of the room that you can then flesh out with finer details such as wallpaper color or pattern.

Nursery wallpaper for accent walls

If you are considering decorating your nursery with wallpaper, first decide whether it will serve only as a neutral background or as a relevant, eye-catching accent.

In order to create a wow factor for your nursery, consider creating an accent wall. It can be covered either with a solid color wallpaper or with a thematic pattern. The whole idea is to bring the focus to a single wall by setting it apart from the rest of the space, at the same time not causing an overload for the eyes.

It is true that friendly, happy and light colors create a warm atmosphere - but it doesn't always have to be limited to the classic pink and blue! Actually, babies predominantly see primary colors, so you are not obligated to stick to pastel hues if you actually prefer something brighter. For instance, a feature wall with yellow patterned wallpaper can be perfect for your baby's room too.

Accent walls with patterned wallpaper can provide the perfect backdrop for a themed nursery and alter visual perception. For example, for a feature wall, you can go with more bold and fine patterns such as repetitive city views or safari animals. It’s not something that would usually be used to cover the whole nursery, because you don't want to make it look too intense, but, as accents, these bold wallpaper patterns will arouse the interest in the child and encourage creative thinking.

Nursery peel and stick wallpaper patterns

For a neutral background, all of the walls can be decorated with the same minimalistic pattern, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring or, on the contrary, overwhelming. You can always try combining different patterns to achieve the look you’re after. Also, patterned nursery wallpaper can be coordinated with other elements of the room, including the floor, curtains, furniture, doors, and textiles.

A pattern with animal figures, flowers or trees in primary colors will attract your baby's attention as they gradually discover more details. Also, a very pleasing and calming effect can be achieved by using wallpapers with larger-scale star or cloud patterns. If you’re looking for a wallpaper that’s patterned, yet soft on the eyes at the same time, scroll through the watercolor patterns to find the perfect one.

Nursery wallpaper ideas for girls and boys

Sometimes it can be tricky to decide how to decorate the nursery for a girl or a boy, especially as there are so many choices available. Take a look at our selection of nursery themes and get inspired to create the perfect room for your kid, using the right nursery wallpaper.

Nursery wallpaper for boys

Blue tones are very traditional for boys, and, to spice it up, you can use various wallpaper patterns, thereby focusing on more dynamic zoning of the nursery.

Also, warm and light shades of green are often chosen for boy’s nursery wallpaper. The same goes for yellow - it will not only make the room sunnier, but also encourage the baby to explore their surrounding.

Nursery wallpaper for girls

Nursery is the perfect opportunity to make some daring design choices and try new, chic things. Lively and inspiring baby girl nursery wallpapers are the absolute best for this kind of project.

For girls, large and bold florals or nature-inspired nursery wallpapers are always a good idea. However, it doesn't always have to be pink. You can also mix colors like pale green, yellow, purple and blue. Also, you could create a simple white space with some bold accents. Another decoration idea for a girl’s nursery is to choose a black and white wallpaper pattern, which can be colored with bright furniture or interior decors.

Gender-neutral nursery wallpaper

Many parents-to-be lovingly furnish the nursery even before the child is born. When selecting a suitable wallpaper, they often go for classic models in pastel colors and with funny animal patterns or fairy tale motifs.

Repetitively patterned wallpapers are a popular choice for gender-neutral nurseries. The repetition of the design adds liveliness to the room and makes for an impactful accent wall. The black and white speckle wallpaper design is also super cute and provides you with a monochrome color palette to base your space around.

Nursery peel and stick wallpaper

Baby nurseries should have design elements that are child-friendly and appealing for the baby since they’re actively learning and absorbing information like a sponge. Obviously, the design you choose can help them to develop their character and personality.

The best part about removable nursery wallpapers is that they seem to be created exactly for children, and here’s why:
  • The removable peel-and-stick wallpapers are one of the quickest and easiest decor opportunities available.
  • With no special adhesive necessary to put it up or take it down, installing peel and stick wallpaper is easy and can be done in less than an hour.
  • You can change your thoughts as many times as you wish. Remove panels with ease by peeling back from a corner slowly. No mess - just take down the wallpaper and use it on a different wall or choose a new pattern entirely.
  • You can install and remove our removable wallpaper designs without harming any of the walls in your nursery, kid’s bedroom, or playroom.
  • Removable wallpaper can be wiped down easily using a microfiber cloth. This will make everyday life easier for parents, knowing that their little ones might one day decide to create their artworks not only on paper but also on the walls.
  • It’s safe! Keeping your home and especially your kid’s room safe for children is extremely important. All Fancy Walls removable wallpaper designs are made with non-toxic ink. and our peel and stick wallpapers are completely PVC-free, ensuring a safe environment for your family.

Best removable wallpaper for your nursery

Using Fancy Walls peel and stick wallpaper in your nursery will help you achieve the look and feel that you have envisioned. The wide range of colors and gender-neutral patterns make planning a nursery design easy. With no paste to deal with, wallpapering a wall or entire room takes less time than painting. And the range of designs is so wide that you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your own style - from traditional to modern, electric to sentimental.

Fancy Walls offer two types of removable wallpapers: Peel and stick wallpaper is made from on high-quality and durable textile to make sure it will stick to most walls and will not shrink over time, unlike vinyl alternatives. Fabric is breathable and thereby less prone to mold growth.

We only print our peel and stick wallpaper designs on safe, environmentally friendly and PVC-free material, thereby all of our designs are perfectly suited for decorating nurseries. The inks we use for printing the designs have been recognized as non-hazardous to health and don’t affect indoor air quality.

Here are the top reasons for choosing Fancy Walls removable nursery wallpaper:
  • Create a truly special place
    Our peel & stick nursery wallpapers come in all kinds of designs - you can easily find the best color, pattern and style for your dream nursery, or even personalize a wallpaper with the name of your baby, their initials or any other detail of your choosing.
  • Easy to install
    Have a gorgeous nursery in no time! Peel & stick wallpapers act like a large sticker - simply peel off the backing and stick it to the wall. Basically, it’s just a fun & simple afternoon DIY project. There’s no professional help necessary to hang a removable wallpaper, so, undoubtedly, you’ll save some money as well.
  • Change the design whenever you want
    You can keep a wallpaper on as long as you like, or remove it instantly - for example, if you need to move your baby to a different room, or upgrade your nursery to a toddler room.
    Just peel off the self-adhesive wallpaper and use it on a different wall or choose a new, more appropriate pattern. Removing your current peel & stick covering won’t damage the walls or leave any nasty residue.
  • It’s safe and free of harmful materials
    All of the designs printed by Fancy Walls are PVC-free, made from OEKO-TEX certified woven textile and recyclable. It’s a high-quality product that’s gentle not only to your walls, but also to you, your baby and the environment as well.

The color palette and styles for nursery wallpaper

Removable nursery wallpaper is the perfect companion as kids evolve their personal style - the peel and stick option allows quick updates to happen with ease. You have the option to choose either neutral and minimalistic peel & stick wallpaper designs or to let your imagination run wild, adapting the room into a seaside oasis, a wild jungle, an Olympic stadium and many more themes. Or you can combine both, by creating a solid color background that is underscored by a bold accent wall.

In 2022, baby blue, pink or beige wallpaper is the top color choice for nurseries. Likewise, delicate black & white wallpapers are also often used to cover nurseries. Meanwhile, when it comes to styles, the most popular choices range from subtle, minimalistic patterns to playful nursery wallpaper designs with animals or cartoon characters.

Personalised nursery wallpaper

Self-adhesive nursery wallpaper is a winning design strategy for interiors of children’s rooms. Here at Fancy Walls, we offer you even more: you can choose a special nursery wallpaper size, customize the color of the wallpaper, or even make your own nursery wallpaper design. Our customer service team is here to help you bring your custom ideas to life!



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