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Easy Wall Makeover with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

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  1. Unroll the peel and stick wallpaper if you haven’t already done so.
    It is not mandatory, but we recommend leaving the wallpaper unrolled for an hour or two to ease the installation process since the wallpaper has been rolled up in the package during the delivery time and most likely has curled. You can place some heavy, but clean, items such as books on it if it won’t stay on the floor.
  2. Find a level spot on your wall.
    Find a level spot to make sure that the wall is straight. You might end up applying wallpaper at a slight angle if the wall is not straight.
  3. Peel the backing off.
    Peel the paper from self adhesive wallpaper backing about 10 inches (20 centimeters) from the top. It will be easier to apply the top of the wallpaper sheet which is the most important part of the application process.
  4. Apply the wallpaper.
    Apply the peel and stcik wallpaper on the top of the wall where you have found a level spot. You can start slowly smoothing the wallpaper from the top with a squeegee or dry sponge until you reach the point where the wallpaper backing has to be removed again by another 10 inches. We recommend removing the backing step by step to avoid applying a large piece of wallpaper at once without smoothing it out to prevent air bubbles. This step-by-step application of 10 inches (20 centimeters) at a time allows you to remove the last part of applied wallpaper from the wall in case too many bubbles have formed since our peel and stick wallpaper can be repositioned up to 24 hours after application.
  5. Smooth out the wallpaper.
    Smooth out the wallpaper, and remove any air bubbles with a squeegee, plastic ruler, or dry sponge.
  6. Apply the second panel.
    Our peel and stick textile wallpaper doesn’t require overlap since it doesn’t shrink over time. Therefore, place the second panel on the right edge of the first panel, not on it. Repeat steps 1-5 again.
  7. Cut off the excess material.
    When all self-adhesive wallpaper panels are applied, cut off excess material at the top and bottom of each panel. Cut any excess material around electrical sockets and light switches.
  8. Finish by giving a final smoothing.
    We recommend giving another round of smoothing after 2 days and another time after 2 weeks to ensure the wallpaper sticks properly to the wall.

Start at the corner of the wallpaper sheet and work parallel to the surface. You can peel the wallpaper up or down, whichever you find more convenient.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Do not overstretch the material during the removal.

  • Remove the wallpaper slowly, working parallel to the surface.

  • In case of resistance, you can heat the area with a regular blow dryer to weaken the adhesive and easily remove wallpaper.

The lifetime of peel and stick wallpaper strongly depends on environmental factors. Things such as humidity on the walls, airflow, and ventilation can strongly impact how long the wallpaper will last. If the conditions in the room are appropriate – it’s not too humid, and the surface that you want to wallpaper can avoid constant exposure to water, then you can count on enjoying your new design for several years and even longer.

Peel and stick wallpaper is any self-adhesive wallpaper for walls that works like a sticker – just peel off the backing of the wallpaper and stick wallpaper to the wall. For example, pre-pasted wallpaper is not self-adhesive wallpaper since you actually need to take an extra step and activate the wallpaper glue. At Fancy Walls you can purchase self-adhesive wallpaper by choosing your preferred wallpaper design and selecting wallpaper type “Peel and Stick Fabric”.

We recommend cleaning the wall with a damp cloth and letting it fully dry before applying the peel and stick wallpaper to ensure that the wallpaper will adhere properly to your wall.

For better results, we recommend cleaning the wall with an isopropyl alcohol cleaning solvent. You can spray it on the cloth and wipe the wall with the damp cloth. Follow the cleaning instructions provided by the solvent manufacturer. After any wall cleaning with a damp cloth, it must dry fully.

  • Drywall
    You need to use a primer if you have bare drywall. For other types of walls, it is not mandatory.
  • Textured walls

    It is not recommended to apply it to textured walls because the back of the wallpaper will not adhere as well as it would to a smooth surface. Moreover, the texture most likely will be visible through the wallpaper after its application as the material is not fully opaque. Therefore, we recommend applying it only onto smooth walls.

    However, some of our customers have used it on orange-peel or knock-down textured walls. We don’t recommend doing it and can’t guarantee the performance on such walls.

  • Freshly painted walls
    If you want to preserve the wall painting in its original condition, we recommend waiting at least 4 weeks for the paint to fully cure before applying peel and stick wallpaper. Even though the wall might look dry, the paint has not completely cured.
    In case you don’t want to preserve the wall painting in its original condition, feel free to apply it to the wall after several days.

You can buy peel and stick wallpaper on Fancy Walls by choosing any design and selecting the wallpaper type “Peel & Stick fabric”. Measure the following dimensions of each wall: width and height and enter them in our peel and stick wallpaper calculator to determine wallpaper panel sizes and required quantity.

If you have noticed the formation of air bubbles during the application of peel and stick wallpaper – pull up the wallpaper panel until the air bubbles are released. 

If you have noticed a few air bubbles after applying the whole panel –  use a squeegee (with round angles) or another smoothing tool to smooth out the wallpaper & remove any air bubbles that may form. We recommend evenly eliminating bubbles by applying pressure and moving it hor to the right or left side of the vertical panel. 

Our peel and stick wallpaper is not recommended for textured walls to ensure the best possible performance and appearance of the wallpaper. However, we have found in tests that our peel and stick wallpaper does stick to a variety of lightly textured walls better than various vinyl wallpapers.

However, we recommend ordering a sample of the wallpaper and keeping it on the wall for 2-3 days. If the wallpaper remains on the wall and is not peeling off, you can place an order. Nevertheless, none of the wallpapers will hide the texture of your wall after application. Therefore, pay attention to the surface of the wallpaper after its application on the textured wall to make sure you are satisfied with the outcome.

It is much easier to hang peel and stick wallpaper vertically. However, if you have decided to hang it horizontal here are a few tips:

  • We recommend using a laser level to ensure that wallpaper panels are horizontally leveled
  • We recommend that you ask another person to hold the end of the wallpaper panel rolled during the installation to avoid damaging the wallpaper
  • Keep in mind that all Fancy Walls wallpaper patterns are designed for vertical application and you need to request custom wallpaper to have it prepared and cut for horizontal application.

Here at Fancy Walls we sell woven peel and stick wallpaper made of polyester textile, which is OEKO-TEX certified, PVC-free, and phthalate-free. Another important advantage of our wall coverings is the reduced risk of air bubbles while applying the wallpaper on walls compared to vinyl alternatives.

You don’t need to paste the peel and stick wallpaper or the wall before applying the wallpaper to the wall. It works like a big sticker – there is a back layer, which can be peeled off, and the sticky part, which you need to put on the wall. Moreover, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and has higher humidity resistance. So, you can use it in a bathroom while keeping away from direct contact with water or as a backsplash in the kitchen.

We can offer a very fast turnaround time for both small and large orders. All our wallpaper are shipped via FedEx to ensure it reaches you on time anywhere in the world. We are flexible and open to custom order requirements No matter if it is a custom length.

Usually, it takes 2-3 business days to produce your peel and stick wallpaper and 2-3 business days to deliver it to your location. In case of urgent matters, we suggest to contact us via e-mail or phone to find out about our capacity to produce your wallpaper in a shorter time.

It is easy, but for some designs, it might require extra patience and scrutiny to match the pattern in a horizontal line when applying every next wall covering strip. For example, if the design is with white background and vertical lines it is very easy to match the pattern. However, if the pattern is connected across several sheets you need to align it.

Yes, traditional wallpaper for walls is available for each  design by selecting “Unpasted” under the “Wallpaper type” dropdown menu. 

Fancy Walls is European Wallpaper company located in Riga, which is the capital city of Latvia. All our production process and materials are also produced within European Union. 

We offer exclusively free FedEx Worldwide shipping for all orders over $30 and Free FedEx shipping on all U.S. orders.

Our peel and stick wallpaper is self-adhesive and removable. Our traditional non-pasted wallpaper is also removable. 

All our designs are available on peel and stick wallpaper or traditional non-pasted wallpaper for walls, which is coated and non-woven wallpaper. Traditional wallpaper requires wallpaper pasted for the application. 

We offer the following types of temporary wallpaper/removable wallpaper:

  • peel and stick wallpaper (also called self-stick wallpaper), which is available to order from any wallpaper design under the drop-down “Wallpaper type” with the name “Peel & Stick Fabric”. During the application of stick-on wallpaper, no paste is required.
  • non-pasted wallpaper/unpasted wallpaper, which is available from any wallpaper design under the drop-down “Wallpaper type” with the name “Traditional Non-Pasted”. During the application of traditional wallpaper for walls paste is required (it is not included with the product).

Peel and stick wallpaper can be used in the bathroom. However, we don’t recommend installing non-pasted wallpaper in a bathroom since it has different material characteristics and is not suitable for bathrooms.

Here at Fancy Walls web store you can order only PVC-free wallpaper. Both peel and stick wallpaper and traditional wallpaper for walls is 100% PVC-Free.


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