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Let your imagination run wild while planning your next room makeover with Fancy Walls. We’ve got you covered with 1600+ wallpaper designs + more being made at this moment. We offer endless customization possibilities – from different wallpaper colors to different pattern scales, and even custom designs. Still wondering how the wallpaper design and wallpaper will look in your space? We offer large-size wallpaper samples, which are available for both wallpaper types. Pick a design, choose the wallpaper type, and complete your next home makeover project without even leaving your home!

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It is a wallpaper type that is self-adhesive and is ready for application to walls without paste or glue. It works like a sticker – you need to peel off the backing of the wallpaper and stick the wallpaper to the wall. Keep in mind that this type of wallpaper is different from pre-pasted wallpaper, which is not self-adhesive wallpaper since you actually need to take an extra step and activate the wallpaper glue. At Fancy Walls you can order self-adhesive wallpaper by choosing your preferred design and selecting wallpaper type “Peel and Stick Wallpaper”.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide, which is available in written form on the FAQ page. Check section 10. Tools and application > How to hang peel and stick wallpaper.

Or check our How to video on youtube.

You can use Fancy Walls peel and stick wallpaper both for long-term and temporary applications. The lifetime of wallpaper strongly depends on environmental factors. Things such as humidity on the walls, airflow, and ventilation can strongly impact how long the wallpaper will last. If the conditions in the room are appropriate – it’s not too humid, and the surface that you want to wallpaper can avoid constant exposure to water, then you can count on enjoying your new design for several years and even longer.

Yes, it is washable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Peel and stick wallpaper can be used in the bathroom. However, we don’t recommend installing non-pasted wallpaper in a bathroom since it has different material characteristics and is not suitable for bathrooms.

Fancy Walls peel and stick wallpaper is removable. Our traditional non-pasted wallpaper is also removable if you are using recommended wallpaper paste.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide, which is available in written form on the FAQ page. Check section 12. Removal > How to remove peel and stick wallpaper.
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