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Thinking about transforming your interior space with our stunning panel wallpaper but needing clarification on determining how many wallpaper panels you’ll need? Don’t worry. Our detailed panel wallpaper calculator is here to save the day. This tool is designed to simplify the process by calculating based on your wall dimensions and accounting for the pattern repeats on each panel. Ensuring pattern alignment can require additional panels, and our calculator factors this in for accurate estimation. Just input the dimensions of your wall, and let our tool do the hard work for you. Start planning your fantastic wall makeover with our exquisite Peel & Stick or Non-pasted wallpapers today!

In order to make sure you order enough wallpaper, we suggest the following few steps to ensure you have the right measurements:

  1. Do not include crown molding and/or baseboard in the length of the wall to avoid ordering unnecessary wallpaper.

  2. Please measure the length of the wall on both sides of each wall since the actual length of the wall might slightly vary. You need to use the longest measurement; this way, you can prevent any gaps between the ceiling and the wallpaper.

  3. Please measure the width of the wall at the top and at the bottom of the wall since the actual width might slightly vary.

  4. Include doors and windows (or any other obstacles) in the measured area.

Step-by-step guide for using our calculator:

  1. Measure the following dimensions of each wall: width and length. We recommend entering the dimensions of each wall and calculating the required number of panels. You can enter imperial units—inches or feet—or metric system units—centimeters.

  2. Find out how many panels you need and how much it will cost.

  3. Open any product and select the recommended size and quantity.

  4. Click or tap the “add to cart” button to view the order total and proceed to checkout.

How to measure wall for wallpaper

Enter the dimensions

Wallpaper size and the amount required: {{requiredPanelsText}} wallpaper. Total price: Please check your width and height input values. Take in note that the maximal height for our wallpaper panel is {{maxHeight}}{{measurementShortName}}. Enter {{measurementName}} in whole numbers.

Enter width of the wall:

({{minWidth}}{{measurementSymbol}} minimum)
Enter length of the wall:

({{minHeight}}{{measurementSymbol}} minimum, {{maxHeight}}{{measurementSymbol}} maximum)

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