Black and white wallpaper

People often choose black and white wallpaper for the walls of their home because of its subtlety, as this color combination doesn’t take over the whole room. However, it doesn’t mean that black and white wallpaper can’t be impressive, as it’s available in a variety of patterns and designs, many of which are absolutely dazzling. Take a look at the range offered by Fancy Walls below or scroll down if you’d like to find more information about it!

Pattern color:

Black and white wallpaper

The best thing about black and white wallpaper is that it can be made in any pattern imaginable – while other color combinations might just not be right with some designs, these two colors work well for practically all of them. Of course, there are some patterns that look especially great in these colors – for example, black and white herringbone pattern and other geometric patterns, as well as harlequin or diamond grid patterns.

The aforementioned subtlety is the reason why black and white wallpaper is often used for bedroom interiors, as it creates a calm and balanced atmosphere. Of course, that effect could be quite desirable for other rooms as well, and that’s why this is quite likely the most popular color combination for wallpaper designs.

Therefore, whether you’re after removable black and white peel and stick wallpaper or the more traditional non-pasted option, you can be sure that you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Additionally, if you’d like to adorn your walls with large-scale pictures or patterns, you can choose one of the black and white wallpaper murals.

All in all, this is a quite common choice of temporary wallpaper design, as it’s not likely to disrupt the room with bright colors. In addition to that, the black and white color combination is sometimes linked with elegance, as well as with minimalism, which is a style that many are trying to achieve nowadays.

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