Floral wallpaper

Create a pleasant atmosphere in your home by using floral wallpaper for decorating your walls! The flowers depicted on them create a sense of calm and freshness in the room, therefore, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular wallpaper types. Fancy Walls offers a large selection of floral peel and stick wallpaper – from vintage designs to modern geometric flower patterns. In addition to that, we also offer floral wallpaper murals that work perfectly for accent walls. Discover our range below or scroll down for more information about it!

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Floral wallpaper for the walls of your home

While most people associate floral wallpaper with colorful vintage patterns, it’s not necessarily always the case anymore. There are many modern designs where the flowers are a lot more subtle or even incorporated in geometric patterns that disguise them. This has only contributed to the popularity of this wall décor type, as it starts to seem appealing for more and more people.

If you prefer the designs with large flowers, it could also be a great idea to choose a floral wallpaper mural for your walls. These will cover the whole wall and they usually feature either a large-scale photo or a painted design.

Flower patterned wallpaper designs are often used for bedroom interiors, as they create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. However, they’re equally well-suited for most other rooms as well, because such an ambience is a welcome addition to any room. Many people also use it to give a luxurious feel to bathrooms – in this case, floral removable wallpaper is the best option, as it will be more moisture-resistant.

Whether you’d prefer to choose the bold flower patterns of vintage designs or a minimalist, black and white floral removable wallpaper for your walls, you can be sure that it will be a great addition to your interior!

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