Floral wallpapers

Floral wallpaper breathes life and vibrancy into your interior design, effortlessly capturing the essence of nature’s beauty. From bold and large floral patterns to delicate and small floral prints, our collection embraces diverse styles that can enhance any room. Whether you’re attracted to the aesthetic appeal of flowers, the vintage charm of classic floral designs, or the dramatic impact of dark purple patterns, our wall floral wallpaper offers an exciting opportunity to bring the outdoors in, and add an organic touch to your interior.

The impact of floral peel and stick wallpaper extends far beyond the visual appeal. It can dramatically alter the atmosphere of a space, infusing it with a sense of freshness, warmth, and vitality. A vintage floral print can evoke a sense of nostalgia, while a bold, modern design can create a striking focal point. Moreover, with its diverse range of colors and designs, from yellow to dark tones, floral wallpaper can help set the mood, from serene and soothing to vibrant and energetic.

We’re delighted to introduce our collection of 396 floral wallpaper designs, each offering a unique take on this classic style. All designs are available in two PVC-free wallpaper types – peel and stick or non-pasted wallpaper, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for your decorating needs. Whether you’re seeking a bold statement piece or a subtle backdrop for your furnishings, our floral wallpaper collection will transform your space into a stunning indoor garden. Embrace the beauty of nature with our floral wallpapers, and let your walls bloom with style.

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Floral removable wallpaper

These days, removable wallpapers come in many different materials, shapes and sizes. All of our floral wallpaper designs are available as peel and stick wallpapers, giving you the chance to experiment with the wildest design ideas while skipping the mess that usually comes with traditional wallpaper application and removal.

When choosing a wallpaper with a pattern, you want to ensure that it seamlessly matches when applying it to your wall. Some of you experienced DIYers might recall the struggle of lining up wallpaper while also making an overlay because eventually it is going to shrink. Luckily for you, none of that applies to the floral wallpaper peel and stick solution. Due to the nature of our high quality materials, our wallpaper doesn’t shrink over time, so there is no need to create an overlay during the installation process. Floral patterns often have small details that need to be lined up precisely to achieve the best look, which is one of the many reasons why we recommend using peel and stick floral wallpaper for your next design project!

A brief history of floral wallpaper

Floral patterns have been around for as long as we can remember, witnessing historic changes and reflecting emerging trends and movements along the way. Floral wallpaper was considered an “old-fashioned” aesthetic for quite some time but has fought its way through to a well-deserved spotlight.

The precise origins of floral wallpaper are insubstantial, but the most primitive depictions of a floral pattern go all the way back to cave paintings. More official evidence emerges shortly after the paper was invented in China in 105. B.C.E. Wanting to bring a part of nature indoors, Chinese artists would paint lavish outdoor scenes and hang the paper on the wall.

The peak of floral wallpaper was the 18th and 19th centuries. Complex designs and pastel colors were a sensation during the Rococo era. The Victorian era, on the other hand, presented a more dark and geometric approach. During this time, wallpaper lost its aristocratic status and became a common thing among the middle class.

Just like in fashion, old trends are constantly making a comeback, so floral patterns never really go out of style. The floral patterned wallpaper options are endless, with more choices available now than ever. There is, however, something that unifies floral wallpapers across colors and patterns – it’s the role of a connecting link between outdoors and indoors, bringing nature to spaces where it otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Peel and stick wallpaper truly is the best of both worlds – you have easily removable wall decor that you can change anytime you wish. It’s also durable and can last for many years to come. Florals can be a really fun addition to your design, and give it an elegant finish. No matter which way you choose to go, it’s going to be a pretty one! To give you some inspiration for choosing a floral wallpaper pattern, we will take a closer look at some of the most trending patterns and colors.

Vintage floral peel and stick wallpaper

Vintage floral wallpaper patterns are the perfect representation of mysterious elegance meeting old-fashioned charm. For the romantic dreamers, a dark vintage floral wallpaper will add a strong character to their chosen space. In situations where a room lacks consistent daylight, a darker accent wall brings some depth, as well as just makes the room feel more pulled together. Add a floral pattern to that and no doubt the room instantly comes alive!

Using vintage floral wallpaper for bedroom is a safe and stylish way to go, as it carries a dreamy vibe but doesn’t overpower the rest of the design elements. Our vintage floral wallpaper and vintage peony wallpaper could make any bedroom glow!

Blue floral peel and stick wallpaper

Whenever we look at the blue sky or watch the waves in the sea, a relaxing and calming feeling overtakes us. The blue color is known for creating this calming effect which we can easily bring into our homes by incorporating blue in our interior design. Blue floral peel and stick wallpaper comes in many variations. The mix of blue and white is perhaps one of the most classic color combinations we’ve seen. It’s hard to pick a favorite among our blue floral wallpaper for walls, but this seamless floral wallpaper with such impeccable detail and blue and white Scandinavian floral wallpaper are definitely at the top of our list.

If you’re looking to create a more beachy look, dark blue floral wallpaper and navy blue floral wallpaper can certainly create a coastal atmosphere, accompanied by a calming and welcoming feel. Adding woven textures will be the cherry on top. Those who are hungry for a more tropical vibe, this dark blue floral wallpaper and dark blue tropical floral wallpaper will do the magic.

From powder room to dining room and living room, blue floral wallpaper for your walls is the way to transform a room in just a few hours, while giving yourself a space that helps you relax for many years to come.

Black floral peel and stick wallpaper

Floral wallpaper isn’t all about dreamy, light colors and vintage patterns. There’s a dark side of florals arising, and it is quite stunning. Black floral wallpaper might not be the most common color and pattern combination when it comes to peel and stick wallpaper, but when thought through carefully, it can bring the look of your room to a whole other level.

Black floral wallpaper for bedrooms is delicate and attractive, and it’s a great way to introduce the floral element without making the room feel too girly. Choosing black floral wallpaper for bathrooms, however, will add some drama and sophistication to the space and make you feel like you’re bathing in a glamorous hotel suite.

Black and white floral peel and stick wallpaper

It’s hard to go wrong with black and white floral wallpaper. As timeless as it is, this style has many variations, from more classic to more modern ones. Large scale black and white floral wallpaper works beautifully when creating an accent wall. Even in a smaller room, it will make the wall pop and won’t go unnoticed. Black and white modern floral wallpaper, on the other hand, is represented by simplified forms and elegant finishes that perfectly fit into a minimalistic design. Get inspired by this black and white dandelion wallpaper design or black and white floral print wallpaper.

Dark floral peel and stick wallpaper

Dark floral wallpaper colors tend to be more balanced and settling. For example, when using dark floral wallpaper in a bathroom, your bathroom interiors will seem more in harmony with the rest of the space. To add some contrast, try incorporating lighter tones through lighting fixtures, bathroom furniture, and flooring. How about this dark tropical wallpaper for your next bathroom renovation? Another variation of floral patterns is dark botanical peel and stick wallpaper which emphasizes various plant elements – flowers, leaves, branches, and grasses. Our green and black fern leaf wallpaper is the perfect representation of that! Nevertheless, dark floral wallpaper murals make a bold statement in any room. Your wall becomes the canvas and the wallpaper is your artwork!

Pink floral peel and stick wallpaper

And of course – there’s pink floral wallpaper too! It beautifully fits in any home and can exist together with almost any decor. Blush floral peel and stick wallpaper can add a more feminine look to a powder room or bedroom, while blush pink floral wallpaper can turn a nursery into a fairytale. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to cover the whole room or the biggest wall in the room with pink floral peel and stick wallpaper. If your choice of design is something more colorful and popping like this hot pink floral wallpaper, remember that sometimes less is more and creating an accent wall will be just enough.

Large floral peel and stick wallpaper

These days, large floral patterns are making a comeback, and they are anything but boring. With abstract proportions and a contrasting color palette, large floral wallpaper murals serve as a piece of art. If you’re thinking about using large floral peel and stick wallpaper for your next design project, but you’re concerned with the size of the room, don’t be! Whether it’s the master bedroom or your guest bathroom – large floral patterns work equally well in both. Remember that florals don’t necessarily have to be covered in pastels. There’s so much power in combinations like black and white too. Large floral wallpaper in black and white can give your space an edgy feel, remaining classy at all times. This floral grid wallpaper would be perfect for a bathroom accent wall.

Bold floral peel and stick wallpaper

Bold floral wallpaper can be an ambitious choice, but paired with other interior elements in white or neutral tones will guarantee a well-finished look. Think of bathrooms – they often lack natural daylight and extra humidity makes it harder to incorporate natural elements like plants and flowers. That’s where bold floral wallpaper bathroom designs come in handy. Imagine this bold Scandinavian floral wallpaper in your bathroom!

Yellow floral peel and stick wallpaper

Yellow floral wallpaper will certainly work as a ray of sunshine in your room. It can uplift even the darkest corners and match perfectly with accent pieces in blue or green. Of course, yellow floral wallpaper has many different styles too. For those wanting to recreate some of the 18th-century oriental vibes, yellow chinoiserie wallpaper is the way to go. Yellow floral wallpaper vintage patterns, however, will take you back to the 1940’s and tell a whole different story. There are many shades of yellow to explore, from soft and neutral like in this yellow floral wallpaper to a more dark and rich color like this yellow retro floral wallpaper.

Green floral wallpaper

The color green is often associated with nature, harmony, and safety, which is why many people choose to use it in their interiors. Dark green floral wallpaper brings a calming and elegant touch to your home. It’s important, however, to remember that darker colors feel heavier than lighter ones, so covering all the room might be a bit too much. Floral green wallpaper often includes other elements like leaves, grasses, and branches, giving it a more botanical touch. We love how the pink florals contrast with dark green leaves in this multicolor floral and botanical wallpaper.

Purple floral wallpaper

Purple is considered to be the color of royalty and uniqueness. Whenever a hint of elegance is needed, purple floral peel and stick wallpaper comes to rescue. Dark floral wallpaper can give a mysterious touch to otherwise boring and plain space. Imagine renovating your bedroom using this purple floral wallpaper! Pink and purple floral wallpaper, on the other hand, has a more feminine feel and would be an excellent choice for a powder room makeover.

Watercolor floral wallpaper

Floral watercolor wallpaper offers softer shapes and a more delicate feel. If you are planning to redecorate a living room and want to add a splash of color, then take a look at our spring flowers watercolor wallpaper. Our watercolor floral peel and stick wallpaper comes with more benefits than just the pretty design. Since it is made from OEKO-TEX certified 100% polyester woven fabric, and doesn’t shrink over time, you don’t have to create an overlay when installing it. That only means one thing – a perfectly lined up watercolor floral pattern!

Aesthetic floral wallpaper

Floral aesthetic wallpaper is an easy and smart choice for creating a statement wall, and it works in any room you can possibly think of. Ranging from bold tropical patterns to carefully detailed smaller flowers, floral wallpaper aesthetic will become eye candy for you and everyone else who visits your home. One of our favorite floral peel and stick wallpaper designs is this aesthetic floral wallpaper. The pattern looks great on its own, but can also be seamlessly incorporated within an existing design.


Where to buy floral wallpaper?

We highly recommend buying floral wallpaper at Fancy Walls due to the high quality OEKO-TEX certified 100% polyester woven fabric and ECO-friendly ink, meaning that the product is free of any harmful substances for human health. There’s tons of designs with new ones being added continuously.

Is floral wallpaper out of style?

Floral wallpaper comes in so many different patterns, shapes and colors that it simply can’t be out of style. Just like in fashion, interior design trends change continuously and certain styles are trending more than others, but it also depends on your personal preferences.

Can I hang pictures/artwork on floral wallpaper?

You can easily hang pictures and artwork on floral wallpaper. Choose frames that contrast with the wallpaper and help your wall art stand out. Grouping pictures is an option as it can actually calm down a patterned wall.


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