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Animal prints in interior design

Alongside timeless, simple styles and bold, eclectic designs, animal-inspired patterns have the power to transform any space into something unique. Among the most iconic and versatile animal prints are cheetah and leopard, which evoke a sense of untamed beauty and sophistication.

In ancient Rome and recent history, animal skins communicated wealth, status, and power. Unsurprisingly, these elegant patterns have lived through centuries of constantly changing trends and emerging styles. There’s something about the big cat patterns that work in every single setting.

In this blog post, we will dive into the world of cheetah and leopard prints in interior design, exploring their unique characteristics, how to tell them apart, and our favorite leopard and cheetah wallpaper designs!

Spotting the difference between leopard and cheetah print

For an untrained eye, it might be hard to spot (pun intended) the difference at first. However, a few distinctive characteristics of each animal print can help you identify which one is which. 

Leopard print

leopard print close up

You should consider certain key elements to recognize the sophisticated and timeless leopard print. First of all, take a look at the spot shape. The leopard print differs from the other animal patterns with its rosette-shaped spots. Typically, the rosettes are densely packed and have a dark circle and a light brown-colored center. In nature, the base of this pattern varies from golden brown to beige. Still, there are many different color variations when it comes to interior design.

Secondly, leopard spots tend to be larger in size than cheetah spots. The pattern is often symmetrical, creating a seamless and elegant look while adding that eye-catching factor.

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Cheetah print

Cheetah print close up image

The cheetah print is relatively easy to recognize. Typically, cheetah spots are round or oval and are scattered irregularly. Over 2000 solid black dots create the cheetah’s spotted pattern on a tan-colored base. This makes it easy to differentiate the cheetah from all the other prints. If the dots are solid, it’s undoubtedly a cheetah print. 

The background color palette of a cheetah print can range from a warm, golden hue to a light tan shade, giving a nice contrast to the dark spots. However, designers aren’t holding back these days, and you’ll see many variations of the classic color mix in fashion and interior design. A little bit of color is always a good thing!

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Our favorite spotted wallpaper designs

There’s no doubt that leopard and cheetah prints create a unique atmosphere. When incorporated into an interior, both animal prints add a touch of energy and wilderness to the space. From a neutral color palette to bright and colorful tones, leopard and cheetah patterns will transform any room.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite wallpaper designs!

Pink leopard print

Pink leopard print

A little wild but definitely sophisticated is the best way we can describe this pink leopard pattern. Perfect for spaces that lack some brightness and color, this leopard wallpaper will definitely catch some looks.

Green leopard pattern

Green leopard wallpaper

Green walls instantly light up the whole room and add a sense of the outdoors. If this green leopard pattern has caught your eye the same way it caught ours, it’s time to spruce up your living room with an elegant accent wall that gives you an energy boost every time you walk by!

Black and white cheetah 

Black cheetah pattern

The color combo that never disappoints – black and white. The biggest advantage of going black and white is that it seamlessly blends into the interior, no matter what style. You can stick to an all-black-and-white theme or balance the look with colorful accents such as throw pillows and green plants. 

Aesthetic cheetah print

Aesthetic cheetah print

Last but not least, one of our very favorite cheetah prints. Aesthetic, simple, and simply stunning! It’s the perfect pattern for minimalist interiors that need eye-catching detail and a little pizazz. The beige background adds just the right amount of warmth and contrast that a spacious and well-lit space needs.

Like anything, too much of a good thing isn’t always good, so try to find a good balance between your favorite animal print and the rest of the interior. Animal prints are a good option for those who don’t necessarily want to stick to one specific style or look. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a simple, black-and-white leopard or cheetah print into an already-existing interior or choose a more colorful way of decorating with a bright and bold design. Happy wallpapering!

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