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Bedroom accent wall ideas for your home in 2022

Those white, empty bedroom walls are just screaming for something more, but the idea of bright paint all over your sleeping area scares you to your very core? That’s where bedroom accent walls come in! Your bedroom is full of design potential, regardless of its size. An accent wall will completely change the entire feel

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Top 5 Peel & Stick Wallpaper Designs in 2022

Wallpaper has found its way at the top of home décor trends again this year, being one of the simplest ways to add a unique touch to your personal space. Beyond the gorgeous aesthetic of top wallpaper designs, wallpaper is also quite easy to install yourself – especially if it’s peel and stick, like those

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Aesthetic Wallpaper Trends to Watch In 2022

Just like that, we are about to turn the page to a new year. There’s something so refreshing about the change of a calendar – and that includes refreshing trends! Wallpaper is no exception to that. Though we will see some similarities from 2021 in 2022 wallpaper trends, 2022 is actually prompting quite a shift

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5 Creative Ways to Use Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is a trending way to spruce up your home’s interior. With so many beautiful patterns available, it’s easy to see why. Wallpaper is like incorporating a work of art on a large or unique canvas. That canvas could be an entire wall in your living room or bedroom. It could also

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Simple Ways To Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

How to make a space feel big – even when it isn’t? This is the greatest challenge architects and home designers face. As small spaces become the new normal in our work and home lives, many people are frustrated with the lack of creative solutions to their tiny abode woes. Not to worry! Fancy Walls

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