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Dopamine decorating is one of the biggest trends taking over our Pinterest and Instagram feeds. It’s all about embracing nostalgia with bold prints, eclectic patterns, and as much colour as possible. Dopamine decorating is another word for maximalism, using wallpaper and décor to bring happiness into your home. Think of clashing patterns, quirky trinkets, and tactile textures.

Our ‘Groovy Galore’ collection is all about dopamine decorating, infusing retro-chic designs with a contemporary feel to transform any space in your home. Create a statement wall or add a splash of your personality with our PVC-free wallpapers, choosing from our non-pasted wallpaper or easy peel-and-stick designs.

We’re embracing eclectic wallpapers by sharing 5 of our favourite dopamine designs inspired by whimsical nostalgia.

1. Groovy Pink Fusion

Orange and pink geometric wallpaper design  for dopamine decorating

Pink and orange are two of the most popular colours for dopamine décor. This wallpaper seamlessly blends both shades to revitalise any space with a subtle geometric design.

It’s the perfect choice for a living room or hallway if you want pastel shades that work year-round without a distracting or overpowering design. Style this eclectic wallpaper with gold and wicker accessories for an elevated bohemian feel.

2.   Pink and Orange Striped

Trending Modern bold and bright orange and pink striped eclectic wallpaper for dopamine decorating

When in doubt, go with stripes! This eclectic wallpaper adds a bold splash of colour with Scandinavian-inspired pink and orange stripes. It’s inspired by the beauty of summer sunsets with clean lines that create a contemporary look to add energy to your space.

Add this dopamine-worthy wallpaper as an accent wall to  your office or entertainment space. It’s a bold choice for a salon, bakery, or café to create a warm and inviting space for your customers.

3.   Vivid Stripe Contrast

Geometric bold striped purple and red wallpaper design for dopamine decorating

Dopamine decorating isn’t just about pastels. This geometric design incorporates purple and red stripes overlaid with dark blue for a quirky, eclectic look. The colours dance together to give the illusion of a three-dimensional feel, bringing your space to life.

You can incorporate it into an accent wall in your kitchen or a coffee shop. This colour palette feels fresh for every season with a retro-inspired attention-grabbing design.

4.  Vibrant Gradient Artistry Wall Mural

Bold bright colorful pink and gradient peel and stick eclectic wall mural for accent walls and dopamine decorating

This bold pink checkered pattern is one of our favourite eclectic wallpapers and delivers an instant dopamine hit. It creates a vibrant ambience for your space with a playful feel that adds energy, transforming your room with endless possibilities.

Add this wallpaper as a backsplash in your gaming room, home office, or entertainment space. It blends a retro design with a futuristic feel, making it ideal for almost any space – from a DJ booth to a photography studio.

5.   Pink Leaf Brilliance

Pink and green modern trending bold non pasted wallpaper for dopamine decorating

Pink Leaf is one of our more feminine eclectic wallpaper designs. We’ve taken the classic leaf design and given it a playful twist by contrasting shades of pink and green for a classy but quirky look. It adds a whimsical atmosphere to any space with a carefree ambience.

Are you looking for more inspiration for dopamine home décor? Shop our latest arrivals and our best-selling Groovy Galore wallpaper collection.

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