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Boho wallpaper brings a liberated spirit into your home, curating an interior space that is as free-spirited, eclectic, and individualistic as you are. The Bohemian style, inspired by the unconventional and the artistic, thrives on mixing and layering patterns, textures, and colors to create a space that tells your unique story. Our 92 Boho wallpaper designs tap into this expressive style, offering an array of charming and unconventional patterns and colors.

Available in PVC-free peel-and-stick or non-pasted wallpaper types, our Boho wallpaper collection fits into your eco-conscious lifestyle while providing a simple and clean application process. Boho peel and stick wallpaper allows you to effortlessly transform your space with diverse designs that encourage creativity and promote the Bohemian aesthetic.
Whether you are drawn towards muted pastels or bold and vibrant hues, our selection caters to every aesthetic boho color preference. The bohemian peel and stick wallpaper designs range from intricate paisleys to whimsical botanicals, helping you to manifest your free-spirited vision.

The Boho wallpaper collection celebrates the art of layering, invoking a sense of depth and interest in your interior design. Despite its eclectic nature, this collection also offers minimalist Boho designs that retain the style’s essence while being understated and versatile.

Creating a space that feels inherently like ‘you’ is the essence of the Boho aesthetic. With our collection, you can cultivate a home environment that represents your love for the carefree, the artistic, and the soulfully eclectic, making your interiors a visual diary of your experiences and aspirations.

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Table of contents

The beginning of boho style

Boho aesthetic wallpaper styles are influenced by the vagabond lifestyle of the 19th century travellers, actors and writers in Paris. By refusing to adjust to what was accepted in the society, the bohemians unintentionally started an interior design trend. Wallpaper boho aesthetics are best represented through the interaction of colors, shapes, lines, textures and movements that avoid structure and order.

Boho peel and stick wallpaper is a great interior design option for those who like to think outside of the box, as there are no rules or guidelines on creating a boho look – you can go as simple or as complicated as you like. The core of boho style is individuality, and creating a one-of-a-kind feeling.

Aesthetic boho wallpaper

Wallpaper boho aesthetics are best represented through the interaction of colors, shapes, lines, textures and movements that avoid structure and order. Boho peel and stick wallpaper is a great interior design option for those who like to think outside of the box, as there are no rules or guidelines on creating a boho look – you can go as simple or as complicated as you like.

Boho aesthetic is all about pleasing the eye, and there are many ways of achieving that with removable wallpaper. Our aesthetic face line art wallpaper would be a great addition to a bedroom interior. The abstract face details and pastel colors intertwine into an eye-catching wall mural, while the neutral background leaves space for more colors to show through other design elements in the room.

Aesthetic neutral color patterns, on the other hand, are the perfect solution for those who appreciate a calmer color palette. This neutral boho shapes wallpaper would make any room look fantastic. The white background with nature-inspired shapes and earthy colors is a perfect match for an adventurous living room filled with plants and wooden furniture.

Minimalist boho aesthetic wallpaper

Opting for a minimalist boho wallpaper for your home makeover is always a safe choice. If you want to freshen up the look of your space, but don’t have the time to do a full makeover, minimalist peel and stick wallpaper is easy to include within an existing design.

Black and white is a classy color combination commonly seen in boho minimalist wallpaper designs. A wallpaper design like our boho geometric pattern is the perfect mix of simple and abstract. Stylised horizontal stripes create the illusion of a wider space, so it would work well in hallways and other narrow spaces.

Beige aesthetic boho wallpaper designs have a natural appearance and can serve as a timeless wall decor to be enjoyed for many years. If you’re planning to decorate a kids’ room and have a neutral style in mind, take a look at our beige boho leaf wallpaper. Soft, beige tones and overlapping leaf patterns most certainly create a cozy, warm space for your child and can be accented with more colorful furnishings.

Boho rainbow wallpaper

Rainbows can bring a playful and fun feeling into your home. Aesthetic boho rainbow wallpapers are a trending choice when it comes to decorating a nursery. Children spend a lot of time in their rooms playing, learning and relaxing, and it’s important to create a cozy, soothing space where they feel comfortable and inspired to explore new things. Our pastel boho rainbow wallpaper is a whimsical mix of rainbows, clouds and leaves, making it a perfect fit for an accent wall in a gender-neutral nursery.

When using a peel and stick wallpaper boho design for a kids room, you don’t necessarily need to cover all the walls in the room. Creating a designated play area can help your child find a balance between playtime and relaxation. This multicolor boho rainbow wallpaper is such a vibrant solution for any playroom.

Boho removable wallpaper

Boho patterns are extremely versatile and can be easily paired with any other style of your choice. Boho removable wallpaper comes with many advantages which play an important part in achieving and maintaining a great look.
First of all, it’s really easy to apply. Peel and stick wallpaper works like a big sticker – you peel off the backing paper and stick it onto a wall. Whenever you feel like it’s time to change your current wallpaper, simply peel it off the wall and replace it with another adhesive wallpaper design.

All of our removable wallpaper boho designs come in 19 inch wide (48 cm) panels. There’s also a possibility to order 38 inch wide (36 cm) wallpaper panels upon prior request. For most of our designs, we offer free color customization options. To see if your chosen wallpaper design is available in other colors, choose the “pattern color” drop-down menu, which is located under the “size” menu. If the “pattern color” option is not available, the color for the pattern can’t be changed.

Boho sun and moon wallpaper

In the boho wallpaper collection, the sun and the moon are typically illustrated using geometric shapes. Our boho sun wallpaper designs can provide a bright and cheerful look, adding an extra element of light in spaces where it might otherwise be hard to find. This multicolor boho shapes wallpaper would make a stylish accent wall in a living room or bedroom. Our boho sunflower wallpaper, on the other hand, would look stunning with wooden furniture or metallic accents.

Boho chic wallpaper

If you’re aiming for a more sophisticated look, removable boho chic wallpaper is the perfect solution for you. As one of the hottest wallpaper trends, boho chic patterns are perfect for a bedroom wall makeover. When redecorating a bedroom, remember that it’s the place where you want to relax and feel calm after a busy day, so it’s important to create an environment that makes you feel at peace. A design like our boho seamless banana leaf wallpaper creates a stylish, chic theme, without limiting the colors you can use in the overall design of your room.
For a more eclectic boho look, consider using a diamond-patterned wallpaper. Diamond shapes can add a glamorous touch to a dull space. Combining diamonds with a simple, brown color palette will make your powder room or walk-in closet glow!

Boho floral wallpaper

Bohemians love all types of flowers, and so do wallpaper designers. Floral boho wallpaper is a highly popular choice among many home makeover enthusiasts due to its timeless charm and carefree vibe. Floral boho wallpaper designs come in various color combinations, taking a step aside from the standard earthy color palette. Our blue and white boho floral wallpaper shows some character and perfectly represents a free, adventurous bohemian vibe. This boho floral removable wallpaper would look stunning as a kitchen backsplash or a bathroom accent wall in a summer house.

Pink boho wallpaper

The color pink is perceived as calm and often associated with love, kindness and femininity. Shades of pink vary from pastel pink to very bright and vivid pink, each creating a different atmosphere when used in wall decor. For example, redecorating a small room that doesn’t have a lot of natural light calls for a gentle, light pink color. The good thing about boho pink wallpaper patterns is that they’re quite versatile and the one design can be used in different rooms. Our pink boho wallpaper would be a beautiful addition to a nursery, or elevate the look of a powder room.
Pink boho wallpaper also comes in rainbow, feather and geometric designs, so everyone can find something to match their taste.

Modern boho wallpaper

Boho modern wallpaper is commonly used in larger spaces such as living rooms. Modern patterns can enhance the overall look of a room, and help tie together various furnishings. Creating a modern, boho style accent wall with peel and stick wallpaper is easier than ever. This light boho arch wallpaper design has captured random geometric shapes and pastel tones into a single pattern and guarantees to make a statement in any room.

Boho nursery-friendly wallpaper

Decorating a nursery comes with the extra responsibility of choosing products that are safe for your baby’s health. Here, at Fancy Walls, we’ve made sure to use only the best quality materials. Our peel and stick wallpaper is made from 100% woven fabric, and uses recycled materials. Most importantly, it’s PVC-free and doesn’t include any harmful toxins that can be dangerous to your child. All of our wallpaper is printed using water-based inks, which are eco-friendly and odorless.

Our boho wallpaper nursery designs are not only nursery-friendly, they’re also stylish and cute! One of our most popular boho nursery designs is boho forest wallpaper. As gender-neutral nurseries become more common, this pattern fits in perfectly.

The key to incorporating a boho-themed wallpaper in your home is thinking outside of the box and letting your creativity flow. There are no rules when it comes to boho, allowing you to experiment with colors, patterns, shapes and textures. Mix and match our boho wallpaper styles and create your unique boho look!


Is boho peel and stick wallpaper still popular?

Boho peel and stick wallpaper is a timeless wall decor. Boho wallpaper patterns are extremely versatile and have a wide range of aesthetic, minimalist, floral and chich styles, just to name a few.

Is it possible to customize boho peel and stick wallpaper?

We offer free color customization options for most of our designs. To see if your chosen wallpaper design is available in other colors, choose the “pattern color” drop-down menu, which is located under the “size” menu. If the “pattern color” option is not available, the color for the pattern can’t be changed.

Can I use boho peel and stick wallpaper in a nursery?

You can easily use Fancy Walls peel and stick wallpaper in a nursery. It’s PVC-free, made from 100% polyester fabric, and is printed using water-based inks, meaning it doesn’t contain any harmful substances.


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