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Explore our selection of wallpaper colors, designed for every home interior. Choose from aesthetic pastels, classy black and white, or bright tones such as red and orange, and make a statement in your home with one easy step. All wallpaper designs are available on peel and stick wallpaper, also known as self-adhesive and removable wallpaper, or traditional-unpasted wallpaper. Feel free to reach out if you need any help with finding the perfect wallpaper design for your home!
A neutral tone that adds warmth and sophistication while promoting a sense of calm.
A dramatic shade that can give depth and an intriguing dynamic to your space.
This timeless duo contrasts sophisticatedly, lending a classic appeal to interiors.
An inherently calming color, evoking a tranquil ambiance perfect for bedrooms or living spaces.
A refreshing palette that can evoke openness, making your area feel airy and expansive.
A grounding, earthy color imparts warmth and homeliness to your living environment.
This deep shade can lend a rich and luxurious feel, adding a touch of opulence to any room.
A vibrant palette that brings your interiors life, energy, and a cheerful vibe.
A versatile neutral shade that complements any style, giving your room a modern, sleek look.
A restful and renewing hue that can make your space feel revitalizing and close to nature.
This rich, deep blue brings an element of serenity and sophistication, perfect for a stylish, relaxing space.
An energetic and warm hue that can infuse your room with a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.
Soft and calming tones perfect for creating a relaxing, gentle ambiance in any room.

A soft, romantic hue that can give a room a charming, feminine touch.

A bold and creative color, purple can add an element of luxury or even a hint of mystery to your interiors.
A bold, stimulating hue, perfect for adding excitement and energy to a room.
An elegant blend of blue and green that can add a refreshing, stylish vibe to any room.

Boasts a warm, earthy hue that evokes traditional clay craftsmanship and cozy ambiance.

This vibrant, cheerful shade can bring tropical freshness to your interiors.
A pure, clean shade that can create a sense of freedom, brightness, and minimalism.
A pure, clean shade that can create a sense of freedom, brightness, and minimalism.
A blend of soft, flowing colors for a serene, artistic touch to your space.
A sunny, cheerful hue that can instantly brighten and energize any room.

How to Choose the Perfect Wallpaper Color for Your Interior Design


Neutral colors like beige, gray, black, or white are safe and versatile choices that can easily blend with various interior design styles. These colors are perfect for creating a calm, sophisticated backdrop that allows other elements in the room to stand out.


The blue palette, including blue, navy blue, blue and white, turquoise, or teal, imparts a sense of calm and tranquility. Ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms where relaxation and peace are desired.

Warm Tones

Warm tones such as brown, orange, red, burgundy or terracotta create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. These colors can bring warmth and vibrancy, making them an excellent choice for living rooms and kitchens.

Cool Tones

Cool tones like green or pastel colors are refreshing and revitalizing. They can make a space feel closer to nature and bring a soothing, calming ambiance.

Purples & Pinks

Consider pink, purple, or viva magenta for a romantic, playful, or luxurious vibe. These colors can create a soft, feminine feel or add a regal touch to a room.

Bright & Bold

Consider the black and white combination, colorful designs, or cheerful yellow if you want to make a statement. These colors are perfect for adding a lively, energizing touch to your space.

Artistic & Soft

For an artistic, peaceful vibe, consider watercolor designs. This category offers a blend of soft, flowing colors, perfect for spaces where you’d like to inspire creativity or create a relaxing atmosphere.
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