About Fancy Walls

Fancy Walls was established in 2018, offering a variety of classic and contemporary wallpaper designs printed on peel and stick materials. Since 2018 we have grown significantly same as the number of fulfilled orders and designs added to our website. Currently, we are offering peel and stick and non-pasted wallpaper materials, which are PVC-free,

Our main focus is to provide classic and modern wallpaper designs printed on durable, high-quality materials. To satisfy the needs of every customer, we also offer color customization for most of our designs. Moreover, we are continuously adding new designs to our website. If you haven’t found your favorite design in our collection, just drop a message to us and we might be able to deliver it! 
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Each and every wallpaper made with care

We do the design, printing, cutting, and packaging ourselves to ensure the quality of each wallpaper meter that we ship out.

1. Design

We already have 1300 + wallpaper designs and we are constantly adding new ones to make sure you can find the perfect design for every room in your home. 

2. Material

We offer high-quality durable and PVC-free peel and stick wallpaper and non-pasted wallpaper that can be applied edge-to-edge and it will not shrink over time.


3. Print

We use the latest Epson printing solutions to ensure higher color reproduction for our designs printed on both peel & stick and non-pasted wallpapers.

4. Quality check

We check the quality of your wallpaper after every step of production to avoid any possible issues before sending the wallpaper to you. 


5. Packaging

We prepare each wallpaper manually before placing it in the package to ensure it is securely packaged for a safe journey.

6. Shipping

All orders over $30 are shipped with FedEx courier to ensure 2-3 business day delivery in the US, CA, European countries, and the UK after the order is shipped. See the full list of countries where we ship our wallpaper.

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