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Hello and welcome to Fancy Walls!

Fancy Walls is a wallpaper and design company based in Europe. Since 2018 we’ve grown into a team of 10 adventurous and dedicated members, hand in hand with the number of new wallpaper designs, customers, completed orders, and order destinations around the world. It’s quite the journey, and best of all – we’re just getting started!

What we do

We’re currently offering two types of wallpaper – peel and stick and traditional or non-pasted wallpaper. All of our wallpaper is PVC-free, making it a safe wall decor option for any type of space – from a bedroom to a nursery to a cafĆ©. Our designs range from simple, minimalist styles to bold, colorful patterns, so everyone can find something to make their interior dream come true.

Constantly seeking inspiration from our surroundings – nature and the endless shapes and colors that exist all around – allows us to create new designs that breathe life into your walls. As self-proclaimed color advocates on a mission to make every home around the world sparkle, we truly believe in the power of colors and their ability to make a house feel like home.

Meet our team

How we do it

As many things are constantly changing, our priorities always stay the same.


Quite simple - if our customers are happy, we are happy. No order is too big or small, and we're always happy to talk and find the best solution for you and customize the order if necessary. After all - every home is unique and we should celebrate that!


We put a lot of thought into the quality of our products - all the way from selecting the materials to production and secure packaging, ensuring that you receive a long-lasting product, and the package arrives at your door safe and sound.


Fast production and delivery time, active communication, and flexibility make us a reliable choice for both B2C and B2B customers. The many positive reviews we're receiving confirm that our recipe although very simple, works great.

Are you ready for some action?

Say NO to boring walls and say YES to Fancy Walls!

Inspire others and share your projects on social media by using our hashtags - #myfancywalls and #boycottboringwalls.
With love and lots of colors,

Do you still have some questions?

Perhaps you have a special makeover project in mind and you want to have a custom design order made just for you? Let’s get in touch!
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