Custom Wallpaper & Wall Murals

Begin your décor journey with our custom wallpaper for walls and exquisite custom wall murals. Provide your design file or photo, and we’ll check its resolution to meet our quality standards for a personalized touch. Our wallpapers, including peel and stick and non-pasted options, are printed on PVC-free material, offering a better choice for your home. 

✓ Fits Any Wall: No Size Limits
✓ Your Design, Our Wallpaper or Mural
✓ No Extra Cost for Customization
✓ Quick 1-2 Day Turnaround
✓ Free Shipping Worldwide
✓ Peel & Stick price per sq ft: $4.50 $3.83
✓ Non-pasted price per sq ft: $2.80 $2.38

custom wallpaper preview

1. Your idea

floral wallpaper design submitted for custom wallpaper
Provide the vector file or high-resolution photo you’d like used on your custom wallpaper. Our designers will check the files and let you know if they’re eligible for printing, and inform you about a quote.

2. Printing

custom wallpaper printing in progress

With all production in-house, most (98%) of our custom wallpapers and murals are printed within 2-3 business days. We ensure timely completion for every order, regardless of size.

3. Shipping

custom wall mural delivered for free with fedex

We provide swift and secure delivery for all custom wallpaper and mural orders using FedEx’s courier service. Expect 1-3 business day delivery in the US and Canada and 1-2 business day delivery in the EU.

4. The result

Your custom wallpaper and installation instructions are delivered to your door. You’re all set to start your project! If you’re looking for custom wallpapers and murals for commercial purposes, we also offer print-on-demand wallpaper dropshippingExplore our Print on Demand Wallpaper & Mural Category to upload your wallpaper pattern or wall mural design and place your order today.

In the additional information field please include a hyperlink to your file or any other extra information that could be necessary for us to calculate the quote.
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