Scandinavian Wallpaper

Scandinavian wallpaper is currently one of the most popular home décor ideas not only in the region of its origin but also almost everywhere else in the world. And that is no surprise, as for decades now the Scandinavian design has been celebrated across the globe as ingenious and forward-thinking. Here at Fancy Walls we tend to agree with that, that’s why offer a wide range of Scandinavian style peel and stick wallpaper designs. Find all of them below and pick the one that suits your home best!

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Characteristics of Scandinavian wallpaper

Scandinavian design is characterized by its simplicity and a minimalistic approach, so, quite naturally, the same can be said about the wallpaper created according to its principles. Therefore, you won’t find huge floral prints or colorful ornaments here. Instead, it offers to decorate the walls with minimalistic lines, herringbone patterns, triangles and other geometric shapes that are arranged in clever patterns. And the color palette is dominated by the cool tones on a simple white background.

However, it doesn’t mean that Scandinavian peel and stick wallpaper sets a dark mood inside of a room. Quite the opposite – it actually livens the up room and makes it seem brighter. Part of that has to do with the white backgrounds that reflect the light nicely, but mostly it’s because of the crisp and dynamic patterns that create a fresh and neat look. Therefore, Scandinavian-style wallpaper can help cluttered rooms seem more orderly, but, of course, the best results are achieved when it’s accompanied by an interior that has an equally minimalistic approach.

As the Scandinavian design has been celebrated in media across the globe, it continues to find its way into the homes of so many people. And our wallpaper offers anyone a chance to add a dash of it to their home. Meanwhile, if you’re not sure that the Scandinavian peel and stick wallpaper is right for you, try it on a peel and stick wallpaper, which is easily removable, so you’ll be able to replace it with something else.
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