Green wallpapers

Green wallpaper brings the tranquility and rejuvenation of nature into any interior space. With our collection of 290 designs, you can embrace a range of shades from the gentlest pastels to the richest emeralds. Whether a traditional wallpaper design for a bedroom or a bold pattern for a living room feature wall, our green peel and stick wallpaper collection caters to all styles, tastes, and rooms.

The effect of green wallpaper on the interior is both soothing and invigorating. Known for its calming properties, green is a versatile color that can be incorporated into various design styles. It can lend a sense of freshness and vitality to a space, creating a serene environment that encourages relaxation. From solid tones to intricate patterns, green wallpaper offers a refreshing backdrop for your home decor.

All designs in our green wallpaper collection are available in two PVC-free types – peel and stick or non-pasted wallpaper. This offers the freedom of choice to suit your installation preferences and the flexibility to update your space as desired. Explore our green wallpaper collection, and let the calming influence of nature’s most prevalent color transform your interior into a haven of serenity and revitalization. Whether you want to create a statement with bold prints or seek a subtle, calming ambiance, our green wallpaper is designed to breathe life into your space.

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