Introducing The Print-On-Demand Wall Murals Creator

Wallpaper sets the tone for your décor. It’s often the first thing we see when we walk into a room. There are thousands of wallpaper designs to choose from, but you might not be able to find the perfect one that speaks to your personality. Have you ever taken a picture and wished you could transform it into a wall mural? Now you can!

Whether you’re bringing your Pinterest board to life or recreating an ocean-side view, our print-on-demand wall mural creator is the easiest way to create custom wallpaper for your next DIY project. 

We’re sharing everything you need to know about our new print-on-demand feature for wall murals, from which wallpaper to choose and a step-by-step guide on how to order your wall mural.

What is a Wall Mural?

It’s worth covering the difference between a wallpaper vs. a wall mural. These serve different decorating purposes and can co-exist in the same space. While a wallpaper typically features a repeating design, a wall mural is a large image produced across multiple panels.

You can use a floor-to-ceiling wall mural in any room, whether it’s a child’s nursery, powder room, or at-home office. While wallpapers are usually designed to go on all the walls in a room, a wall mural is a bolder style normally used for a feature wall.

Choosing Your Custom Wall Mural Design

A wall mural adds a touch of personality to any room. We recommend choosing the wall before selecting your design to get the best results. Measure the area you want to apply your wall mural to help you visualize how many panels it’ll take to bring your art to life.

Our print-on-demand wall mural allows you to choose your favorite photograph or design in landscape or portrait format. It needs to match our minimum 4500 pixels width requirement. Ensure your file is the highest quality version available and upload it to our print-on demand system  by selecting ‘CHOOSE FILE’.

You’ll be able to further customize your wall mural by choosing between our PVC-free peel-and-stick or non-pasted designs. Our peel-and-stick option is easy to apply and self-adhesive with your mural cut into 19-inch-wide panels for a seamless look. Alternatively, our non-pasted wallpaper gives you a classic look with your mural cut into 30-inch-wide panels.

Choose your mural size by selecting imperial or metric measurements and entering your wall dimensions. Our print-on-demand system will then generate your price.

Ordering Your Print-On-Demand Wall Mural

Once your design has been uploaded, you’ll get a preview to see how the mural will be printed and aligned across the panels. After you’re happy with the preview, you can continue to checkout and complete your order.

Our system will automatically check the quality of your image when you upload the design. For extra peace of mind, our team will manually verify your photo to ensure its quality. We’ll contact you if there are any concerns with your image quality to guarantee you receive a high-quality wall mural.

Are you interested in selling or dropshipping wall murals? We can create custom packaging for our print-on-demand wallpapers, and you’ll qualify for a 10% discount on all subsequent purchases after your first three orders of print-on-demand wallpaper or murals. After ten print-on-demand purchases, you’ll qualify to be part of our dropshipping program.

Take your decorating creativity to the next level with a custom wall mural. Have a question about our print-on-demand wall mural creator? Contact our team or visit our FAQ section for more information.

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