Embracing Retro Charm with Our Lush Green Wallpaper Collection

Statement wallpapers are one of the biggest trends in home décor, creating an immersive feel and adding a splash of personality to your living space. If eclectic wallpaper doesn’t match your Earthy color palette, we have an alternative for dopamine decorating.

Chartreuse Green (nicknamed ‘Lush Green’ for its warm undertones and bold persona) is the focus of our latest wallpaper collection. Inspired by the tranquility of nature, this collection reimagines classic designs with a retro-inspired twist to brighten up any space.

‘70s-inspired home décor is all over social media. This collection offers plenty of inspiration for your next DIY project. Each design is available in our PVC-free peel-and-stick wallpaper for easy application and a luxury feel or as non-pasted wallpaper for a classic look.

1.     Feathered Green

feathered green art deco peel and stick non pasted wallpaper for walls

This wallpaper is one of the most unique in the collection, taking a distinctive Art Deco era design and transforming it with a lush green color palette for a modern look. It features subtle hints of pink and white dotted within the feathered leaves to give the wallpaper a three-dimensional feel.

Choose this wallpaper to give your space a sophisticated update that feels warm and inviting. It works for any room in your house, from a farmhouse-style kitchen to a nursery or bathroom.

2.    Simple Chartreuse Circles

simple chartreuse cute handdrawn circles peel and stick wallpaper for walls

The right wallpaper makes you feel excited about the day ahead. This chartreuse green wallpaper features soft, hand-drawn circles that are playful with an artistic flair. It’s a design that makes you instantly relax and feel at home in any space. Style as an accent wall in your bedroom or hallway to give your home its own personality.

3.    Chartreuse Stars

green fun energising chartreuse and bright green stars non pasted or peel and stick wallpaper

Celestial wallpapers don’t have to be dark and mysterious. We’ve taken a classic retro star design and given it a vibrant party-inspired feel with a splash of chartreuse green.

This quirky wallpaper creates a dynamic look that instantly lifts the mood of your space, making it perfect for entertaining spaces, reading nooks, and children’s bedrooms. If you have a minimalistic taste in furniture, this wallpaper creates a playful contrast to incorporate your personality into your space.

4.    Chartreuse Leopard

bold bright green leopard print wallpaper non pasted or peel and stick

We’re green with envy for this reimagined leopard print. If you’re a lover of this iconic animal print but want a vibrant color palette, this is the DIY wallpaper for you. Create the illusion of a larger living space with this leopard print wallpaper that instantly transforms your space. This wallpaper is ideal for a bedroom, powder room, or as an accent wall in a home office.

5.    Chartreuse Herringbone

bright and uplifting green chartreuse lime green herringbone wallpaper for interior

Create the illusion of geometric tiling with our herringbone design. It’s an electric style with a contemporary flair, as the chartreuse green palette gives the design a new look. It’s the perfect choice for an accent wall in your living room or to create an inviting atmosphere in a communal space. We can even picture this retro-inspired wallpaper in an independent coffee shop or an artist’s studio!

Are you looking for more inspiration for vibrant home décor? Shop our latest arrivals and our lush green wallpaper collection.

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