Nursery wallpapers

Nursery wallpaper is the first step in creating a heartwarming atmosphere for the arrival of your little one. These designs not only infuse charm into every corner but also prioritize safety. The PVC-free nature of our collection ensures a healthier environment, making it an excellent choice for your nursery. With more than 97 meticulously selected designs available, we cater to a broad range of aesthetic preferences, and we have something to suit every style and vision.

The highlight of our collection is undoubtedly the peel and stick wallpaper nursery designs. These are printed with water-based inks, a detail that ensures suitability for sensitive environments like nurseries. Besides their eco-friendly composition, these designs are favored for their easy application and removable nature, making them an effortless way to switch up the ambiance. They’re durable and convenient, perfect for making a nursery, daycare, or accent wall pop with character.

Our collection ensures you’re spoiled for choice, whether you’re looking for a baby boy, baby girl, or gender-neutral themes. We offer various themes and colors, from playful jungle patterns to modern designs. Each piece in our collection is designed to contribute to a nurturing childhood, creating a lovely backdrop for your baby’s formative years.

Ultimately, nursery wallpapers are more than just décor – they provide the canvas for your baby’s growth and development. They’re a blend of style, safety, and versatility. So, whether you’re planning a tranquil space or a room full of vibrancy and color, our wallpapers can help bring your vision to life. Choose from our broad range of PVC-free designs and create the perfect environment for your precious little one, with the added safety assurance of our peel and stick wallpapers, printed with water-based inks.

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Table of contents

Nursery peel and stick wallpaper

Our nursery wallpaper collection has a variety of patterns for every taste. All of our designs are available as peel and stick wallpaper, meaning you don’t need to use wallpaper glue to install it. Nursery peel and stick wallpaper is self-adhesive and very easy to apply and remove.

When choosing a peel and stick nursery wallpaper, it’s important to pick products that are safe for your child’s health. Our peel and stick removable wallpaper is PVC-free, and meets a number of quality certifications, such as ECOLOGO, HAPs Free, and REACH. It’s printed with ECO-friendly and odorless, water-based inks, making it a perfectly safe product for nurseries.

Removable nursery wallpaper

Apart from the fact that it’s free from any harmful substances, our nursery removable wallpaper comes with plenty of other benefits. All of our wallpaper is removable in strips, which means you won’t have to scrap tiny pieces of wallpaper off the wall. It’s as easy to remove it afterward as it is to install it – in one piece! Whenever you feel like switching up the look of your nursery, simply pick a new removable wallpaper nursery design and recycle your old wallpaper.

Wallpaper mural nursery

Wallpaper mural nursery decorating ideas have become more popular in recent years. Murals are an easy way to transform a room without making a huge investment. Usually, a nursery wallpaper mural is applied to one wall, creating an accent wall, also called a feature wall. If normally wallpaper wouldn’t be your first choice of decor, we would highly suggest trying out wall murals for your nursery. Oftentimes, wallpaper murals look more like artwork than wallpaper, making the whole room look like a piece of art!

Nursery wallpaper accent walls

Nursery wallpaper accent wall makeovers have always been popular among interior designers and enthusiasts. When creating an accent wall, you usually focus on one wall of the room, allowing you to experiment with different colors and patterns. There are plenty of wallpaper accent wall nursery themes that would look great in a nursery. From floral wallpapers to dinosaurs, you will definitely find something that you and your child will enjoy. An accent wall, similar to a wall mural, creates visual interest and can elevate the whole look of the room. Imagine how cute this pink baby girl wallpaper would look in your home! Remember that picking wallpaper for a nursery accent wall is also fun, it’s your chance to think outside the box and get creative. One thing is for sure – decorating your nursery with a wallpaper accent wall won’t disappoint!

Gender-neutral nursery wallpaper

Gender-neutral nursery wallpaper is taking over more and more nurseries these days. There are many reasons why parents choose nursery wallpaper in a gender-neutral interior. Some parents want to wait until the baby is born to find out the gender, and some simply want to create a more universal room that other siblings can use later on. No matter your reason, a unisex nursery wallpaper is very practical and will look great in both a boys’ or girls’ nursery. Forest animals wallpaper, minimalist dinosaur wallpaper, and gray forest animal wallpaper are just a few examples of gender-neutral nursery wallpaper designs.

Boy nursery wallpaper

Boy nursery wallpaper designs aren’t always dominated by a blue color palette. You can find a baby boy nursery wallpaper in neutral shades, like this tribal bunny nursery wallpaper. If you want to go for a more traditional nursery wallpaper boy interior, try this watercolor toy wallpaper that has some blue elements in it. Your baby will certainly have the sweetest dreams surrounded by a dreamy cloud wallpaper pattern like this one.

Girl nursery wallpaper

Girl nursery wallpaper comes in a variety of colors and patterns. One of the most common baby girl nursery wallpaper colors is pink, however, there are plenty of cute designs in other colors too, such as this boho forest wallpaper. This pastel clouds wallpaper incorporates both pink and blue and would be a great addition to a shared kids’ room. If your goal is to transform the nursery into a girl’s bedroom over time, keep that in mind when picking the wallpaper for the nursery girl interior and go for a more timeless design.How about this seamless wildflower wallpaper?

Pink wallpaper for a nursery

Pink wallpaper for a nursery adds character and softness to the room. The variety of pink shades allows you to create exactly the kind of look you want. When decorating with pink nursery wallpaper, opt for lighter designs like pale pink wallpaper, pink boho wallpaper, or pink floral wallpaper. They are great options if you’re looking to cover the whole room. More vivid patterns such as this pink flamingo wallpaper will make a beautiful accent wall. Additionally, pink is often combined with other colors, and one of the most popular combinations is pink and gray.

Woodland nursery wallpaper

Woodland nursery wallpaper brings all the cozy vibes. Once your baby grows and becomes more curious about their surroundings, nursery woodland wallpaper with cute forest animals will spark their imagination and encourage them to explore even further. Imagine them waking up to this lovely gray forest animal wallpaper! The woodland wallpaper nursery interior trend is here to stay, and can often be seen in gender-neutral nurseries as well. Some of our favorite woodland animal designs include this Scandinavian forest wallpaper and forest animals wallpaper.

Jungle wallpaper nursery

Jungle wallpaper nursery designs fit perfectly in both boys’ and girls’ rooms. Adding a jungle theme to your nursery brings a little bit of nature into your home, and certainly brightens up the space. Like woodland designs, our jungle nursery wallpaper collection has many cute animal designs, such as jungle animal wallpaper, tropical parrot wallpaper, and monkey jungle tropical wallpaper. If you’re planning to transform your nursery into a toddler’s room later, jungle wallpaper for your nursery is a practical and stylish option. To create the ultimate jungle vibe, consider going for an accent wall with a jungle-themed mural.

Nursery animal wallpaper

Nursery animal wallpaper will be the perfect wall decor for the little ones who love to explore. An animal wallpaper nursery theme creates an interior that’s full of life. Animals are all around us, so what better way for your child to start getting to know them than in their own room? For those who’d like to stick to a minimalist interior, there are plenty of simple, more subtle designs like this sea animal wallpaper. Black and white animal nursery wallpaper designs go well with colorful toys and decor and make a playful look. Be aware – picking an animal wallpaper for your nursery such as this seamless animal pattern or animal alphabet pattern might lead to a cuteness overload!

Safari wallpaper nursery

Safari wallpaper nursery designs are inspired by exotic safari animals. You can find safari nursery wallpaper with giraffes, zebras, lions, crocodiles, and elephants in various shapes and colors. Our multicolor safari animals design is definitely one of the cutest safari nursery wallpaper patterns for a baby room. Another take on safari wallpaper for a nursery is this black and white safari design. Simple but playful, especially when combined with colorful bedsheets and pillows. If you’re looking for a kid room wallpaper design that fits into a neutral interior, check out this boho neutral safari nursery wallpaper, or opt for safari nursery wallpaper in grey.

Floral wallpaper nursery

Floral wallpaper nursery designs won’t disappoint. As one of the most timeless patterns, floral nursery wallpaper is a true pleasure to decorate with. The color options for nursery floral wallpaper are endless – from black and white to bright pink. To get some inspiration on different styles of floral wallpaper for nursery, take a look at some of our best-selling designs.

This pink Scandinavian floral pattern is one of the most popular floral baby girl nursery wallpaper designs – cute and simple. For an absolute dreamy vibe, try adding this vintage floral wallpaper to your nursery. If you can’t decide on floral wallpaper for a baby girl nursery right away, you can always order a couple of samples before making the final purchase to see which of your favorites is the best nursery wallpaper option for you.

Mountain wallpaper nursery

A mountain wallpaper nursery theme lets you and your child enjoy mountain scenery without even leaving the house! Spark their curiosity to explore nature and decorate their nursery room with a mountain nursery wallpaper. Similarly to wall murals, you can achieve a very realistic look with wall decals. Decorating with a nursery mountain wallpaper is a win-win solution, as your child can still enjoy the wallpaper as they get older and their interests develop.

Cloud wallpaper nursery

Cloud wallpaper nursery interiors are nothing but dreamy! When we think of clouds, we instantly picture something fluffy and warm. For a more traditional baby girl nursery, this pink clouds wallpaper would be perfect. Our collection of cloud nursery wallpaper has plenty of other colors, such as these gray cloud, blue cloud, and pastel cloud designs. Adding a soft and dreamy cloud wallpaper for nursery design to your home will make your baby’s dreams even sweeter!

Elephant wallpaper nursery

An elephant wallpaper nursery interior is one of the cutest baby room ideas. Chances are that your child has a few elephant toys already, so why not add some more elephant-themed fun to their room? With a nursery elephant wallpaper, you can separate the play area from the rest of the space and help them distinguish between different activities. This cute elephant wallpaper or this behemoth and elephant wallpaper would be a great addition to a play corner.

Star wallpaper nursery

Star wallpaper nursery is your chance to give your child their own private, starry sky. That’s right – you can also apply star nursery wallpaper to the ceiling! Wallpapering the ceiling is another way to add visual interest to the room. This grey star pattern would look great in a minimalist interior. For a more colorful atmosphere, create an accent wall with this multicolor nursery star wallpaper.

Boho nursery wallpaper

Boho nursery wallpaper allows you to get creative and think outside the box. Since it’s a style that follows the “more is more” philosophy, your boho wallpaper nursery interior can be as simple or as complicated as you want. To keep it cute and simple, opt for a pattern like this boho forest wallpaper, or go all out and pick this modern boho wallpaper. Additionally, we offer free shipping for all orders over $30.

Modern nursery wallpaper

Modern nursery wallpaper has a broad variety of designs and patterns that fit into any interior you can imagine. Decorating your nursery with modern wallpaper allows you to easily incorporate bold furniture and decor in your space. Imagine how trendy your nursery would look with this modern dinosaur wallpaper! Most importantly, remember to enjoy your modern baby wallpaper nursery makeover. We’re sure that this modern giraffe wallpaper will add an extra dose of fun!


How to design a nursery?

It’s a good idea to start designing your nursery by picking a theme. You don’t have to go into details at first, but you should have a general idea of the direction you want to go. Next, set a budget. Setting a budget is a must and ensures that you’ll have a clear idea of how much you can spend on the room and how to prioritize your expenses. Once you’ve set the budget, make a list of the items you need – everything from materials and tools to furniture. Lastly, pick a color palette and add some smaller items such as toys and decor to ensure the nursery feels warm and cozy.

How to design a baby boy nursery?

In recent years, baby boy nursery designs have shifted from the traditional blue color palette towards a more gender-neutral theme. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the room should feel both soothing and fun. A soft, pastel color palette and an animal-themed wallpaper won’t disappoint.

How to design a baby girl nursery?

When designing a baby girl nursery, it’s a good idea to choose versatile and timeless elements so the room can be adapted to their needs as they grow older. You can stick to a more traditional pink theme and combine soft pink accents with simple, minimalist furniture, or go for a more neutral color palette and a floral wallpaper pattern that will last for years.


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