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How to make a space feel big – even when it isn’t? This is the greatest challenge architects and home designers face. As small spaces become the new normal in our work and home lives, many people are frustrated with the lack of creative solutions to their tiny abode woes. Not to worry! Fancy Walls has you covered.

Maybe you live in a 400-square foot condo. Or perhaps your day is spent in the spare bedroom chatting over Zoom calls. Whether it’s at the office or in the comfort of your own home, everyone can benefit from the following ideas. Read on to learn how to make small spaces feel bigger. We even have tips on which colors to use to make small rooms look bigger!

How to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

It’s not easy to spend your days feeling like you live inside of a fishbowl. Luckily, wallpaper is a beautiful, simple, and cost-effective way to refashion walls. Our durable removable wallpapers come in a wide range of patterns and colors. With the perfect match, even the teeniest of spaces will feel two times larger.

Here’s a quick guide on how to open up those small spaces:

How to make a small bedroom look bigger with wallpaper

  • Keep it fresh: Modern wallpaper is a fantastic way to modernize your modest bedroom. If dull, old walls are getting you down, opt for a trendy new peel and stick wallpaper. These are easy to install, so your upgraded space will always be “in vogue!”
  • Choose abstract patterns: We often neglect appropriately decorating the very space we spend 8 hours a day in – our bedroom. When it comes to small sleeping spaces, abstract patterns tend to be a calming choice. Repeating images do wonders to soften harsh edges. Removable wallpapers featuring curved shapes – like circles – will bend rigid lines. This tricks the eye and makes a small space look bigger overall.
  • Polka dots for days: Nothing is more fun than polka dots! You can instantly grow a room with these minimalist designs. Dots are best for children’s bedrooms because they aren’t too distracting. Add a splash of spots for fun without drawing in visual clutter.

How to make a small room look bigger with wallpaper

  • Get Vertical: Just like with clothes, vertical lines are slimming. Pick a wallpaper with stripes or a crisscross pattern. This will extend the length between the floor and ceiling, making the room feel up to a whole foot taller.
  • Add an accent wall: Did you know that not every single wall needs to be re-done? If small space is an issue, consider picking only one wall to change. A bold geometric pattern can widen a doorway or elongate a room. It’s an illusion…but it works!

Information about peel and stick wallpapers

  • Why Peel and Stick? Fancy Walls is proud to offer high-quality and environmentally friendly wallpapers. Our customers love peel and stick wallpaper because it actually sticks! Unlike other wallpapers, ours doesn’t bubble or slowly fall off.
  • Dozens of Designs: Printed on PVC-free polyester textile, Fancy Walls patterns are one-of-a-kind. Capture that “wow!” factor when friends and family enter your home.
  • Other reasons to try it: Our peel and stick wallpaper has invisible seams, doesn’t shrink, is repositionable for up to 24 hours, and is 100% removable. Easy on and easy off.

Colors to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

In addition, color is a fabulous way to make a small room feel bigger. Fancy Walls offers a rainbow of choices. Browse our most popular colors to find the perfect hue for your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Or, have a look at the custom colors.

  • Stay Cool: “Cold” colors like blue and green are pros at making a small room look bigger. Fancy Walls offers colors such as: blue chrysanthemum, boho floral, teal vintage, watercolor green leaf, and chamomile. Dreamy.
  • Match your mood: Psychology tells us that color has the power to affect our moods. For example, orange is optimistic. Red is energetic. Grey is calm.
  • Yin and Yang: While we’d suggest avoiding an all-black room, black and white can complement one another. Keep your walls light. Beige and grey colors make a room feel bigger. A singular piece of black furniture will be tasteful. Or consider one of our herringbone pattern wallpapers to add an element of sophistication.

Check out more examples on the Fancy Walls shop.

How to Make a Small Office Look Bigger

Offices can also be transformed to feel bigger. In addition to using peel and stick wallpapers, considering the following tips:

  • Be near a window: Take advantage of natural light. Small spaces thrive in darkness. Open up those blinds and let the sunshine in.
  • Don’t sit facing a corner: If your computer faces a corner where two walls meet, consider repositioning your desk. Avoid claustrophobia by having a clear view of an open door or hallway.
  • Add mirrors: Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the biggest space of all? Not us…but we can fix that! Hang up a lovely mirror to boost reflective surfaces and optimize angles. This will make a small space look bigger.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some creative ideas about how to enlarge your living space. Removable wallpaper is an easy and fun way to make small spaces feel bigger. To order the picture-perfect wallpaper today, take a look at our designs.

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