Polka Dot wallpaper

From simple sophistication to bold excitement, polka dot wallpaper adds fun to any space in your home. Suppose you like minimalist designs with neutral tones or bright, rousing colors that are the conversation starter of your dinner party. In that case, there are a variety of polka dot designs to meet your personality. Be sure to view some of our favorite colors and designs in this category…or feel free to customize your own!

The history of the polka dot pattern

The polka dot pattern wasn't always a popular design like it is today. There was a point in time when owning anything that had dots was considered to be bad luck. When diseases plagued people during Medieval times, people certainly didn’t want anything resembling dots on their clothes or walls!

In the 19th century, people started seeing the polka dot pattern in a slightly better light. They weren’t known as polka dots yet, but the Swiss, French, and Germans simply referred to them as raised circles or simply dots. The Spanish considered them to be "little moons."

How they started being calling “polka dots” is not really known. Some believe it traces back to the polka dance craze that swept through Europe. “Pulka" in Polish translates to "half," referencing the series of small dance steps.

Businesses tried to capitalize on the polka dance craze, but the polka dot pattern finally started to gain traction thanks to celebrity influence.

Miss America, in 1926 wore a polka dot swimsuit. Then Frank Sinatra’s first major song hit was "Polka Dots and Moonbeams." Sinatra released the song in 1940, right when polka dancing was also seeing another resurrection in popularity.

From there, fashion magazines and trendsetters advised followers that polka dots were the latest craze and the polka dot appeared that same year on fashion models in Paris. While the pattern seemed to be popular already, it reached a whole new level in the 1960s.

Thanks to another popular song, “Itsy Bitsy Tennie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini," the polka dot pattern permanently became integrated into our everyday lives. Even Minnie Mouse made her debut wearing a red dress with polka dots in 1961! Polka dots can now be found everywhere, not just in clothing. From furniture to art, and yes, wallpaper! There is no limit to the variation of colors and sizes when it comes to polka dot pattern wallpaper when adding personality to your space.

Most common polka dot styles and colors

The best thing about polka dot wallpaper is that there are so many variations that you can pick the best design based on your space and your personality.

Maybe you want more of a playful feel for your child’s bedroom. Or a touch of sophistication and class for an accent wall in the master bedroom. You can even use polka dot wallpaper to make your office feel both professional and approachable.

Polka dot wallpaper can range from small to large dot designs with various colors - from classic black and white to neutral tones or your choice of a rainbow of colors. Read on for some inspiration and possibilities from our most popular designs!

Pink polka dot wallpaper

The pink polka dot wallpaper design is a popular choice because it can bring an adorable feeling to a child’s space or a soft, sophisticated background for a teenager. And you can choose from small, light pastels or big, bright pink dots based on the child's preference.

What's excellent about pink polka dot wallpaper is that it pairs nicely with shiny metallic accents, like stripes and shapes of different size. Or you can keep it subtle by pairing it with freshly painted eggshell walls.

Blue polka dot wallpaper

Blue polka dot wallpaper is another popular pick when you want a cool look to a room, but you don't want the walls to be covered entirely in blue. Dots of blue bring harmony to any room, instantly relaxing you when you walk in.

And you don't have to pick just one shade of blue with a polka dot design. You can incorporate various shades that will liven up your walls and provide a classic look. You can also pair blue dots with some other complimentary-colored dots, like yellow or grey, for an even more trendy look.

Grey polka dot wallpaper

Grey polka dot wallpaper is a great go-to when you're looking for something more neutral but still want an interesting and classy look to your room. This is a favorite for office spaces, especially when you incorporate different shades of grey and different-size polka dots.

Grey polka dot wallpaper is also an ideal option when you need to decorate the walls of a smaller space, like a bathroom. Dark colors can make space feel smaller, while using a small grey polka dot wallpaper design can keep the area feeling open and airy.

Black and white polka dot wallpaper

You can never go wrong with the classic black and white polka dot wallpaper design. The timeless black dots against white paper instantly brings a feeling of chic to your space, whether it’s a home office or you’re looking for ways to spruce up the foyer.

Black and white is a perfect match with any color, so if you want to add a pop of bright green rugs or maybe a dash of fire with red curtains, no matter how you choose to decorate, the black and white polka dot wallpaper will not let you down.

Polka dot peel and stick wallpaper

No matter what design you pick, using polka dot peel and stick wallpaper is the easiest way to transform your space.

Polka dot self-adhesive wallpaper is just like regular wallpaper. However, the self-adhesive feature is what makes it so much easier to place on the walls. Plus, peel-and-stick wallpaper looks just as nice or even better than regular wallpaper!

There are so many other benefits to using peel and stick wallpaper. Not only can you redecorate your home in half the time, but with this kind of wallpaper, you can easily change your mind if you don't like what you picked. So, having polka dot removable wallpaper you can easily switch out, allows you to test and swap until you find the perfect look.

You could even switch up your rooms based on the season if you desired so! Perhaps you'll want to add some cool blue polka dots for the winter, some big, warm orange dots for autumn, and some light green and pink dots to welcome spring. You can even decorate based on holidays, birthdays, or special occasions.

And if you’re a renter, peel and stick wallpaper is also another great option when you want to decorate your apartment, but not risk losing your security deposit or have to repaint the walls back to the original color when you move out. You can decorate to your heart’s desire and rest easy knowing you used polka dot removable wallpaper when the day arrives for you to move out.

Lastly, no rule says you can only use polka dot peel and stick wallpaper for walls. Spruce up an old desk, your kitchen drawers and cabinets, windowsills, coffee tables, and pretty much anything else that could use a refresh.

Polka dot wallpaper ideas and trends

The first trend for the wallpaper world in 2021 is a mix of earthy colors. This means having a range from olive greens, sweet cinnamons, and burnt oranges. Another set of colors people also love this year is the combination of grey and bright yellow. Lastly, metallics are still shining on in 2021, popular choices being gold, rose gold, and silver. And the hottest polka dot trends in 2021 are following suit.

Polka dot trends 2021

Using these trending colors for your next polka dot wallpaper project, you also have the choice to go minimalist or unlock a maximalist mindset, which is also trending in 2021.

Some polka dot ideas could be sticking to a smaller dot size to easily add pops of earthy colors while still keeping your walls simple and neutral. Or you can go for bold and exciting with big, metallic dots that cover large sections of your walls. No matter what you decide, Fancy Walls has a variety of polka dot wallpaper to choose from, or you can even customize your colors!

Personalized polka dot wallpaper

We allow customers to be as creative as they want, so that is why we have three polka dot wallpaper patterns that you can order with a customized color.

Small polka dots peel and stick wallpaper

You can stick to the trends or choose your path with our small polka dot wallpaper. There are nearly 30 colors to choose from, but you can always ask for a customized color. Just leave a comment when ordering about which color you want. It's that simple!

Hand drawn polka dot wallpaper

A twist on your traditional polka dot wallpaper design, these dots look like the work of a professional artist. Using this hand-drawn polka dot wallpaper, it's an easy way to add some sophistication while staying trendy or picking your customized color.

Graphic polka dots wallpaper

This is the versatile polka dot wallpaper you want when you’re looking to switch between minimalist and maximalist. The graphic polka dots wallpaper design can be sleek and simple with black and white colors. You can stick to those earthy tones like olive green and dark aqua. Or really make the room pop with a choice of colors like turquoise, rose, or purple. Again, you can create your own trend by requesting a customized color.

Polka dot wallpaper for every room

Polka dot wallpaper can be used in any room of your home because of the versatility and variety of colors. There is a wallpaper choice for you if you're looking for playful and classic or warm and cozy.

Nursery polka dot wallpaper

Every parent wants to make sure that the baby room is ready for the arrival of their newest family member. Polka dot wallpaper for the nursery makes it even easier to create a light, nurturing space as you take care of your little bundle of joy. Choose between soft pinks, calm blues, or neutral greens and yellows to officially welcome your baby home.

Bedroom polka dot wallpaper

If you feel like your bedroom falls flat when it comes to style, simply adding a dash of polka dot wallpaper can be the answer. You can use it for an accent wall or perhaps use it to decorate your headboard for a pop of color. A little bit can go a long way to making your bedroom feel magazine-ready.

Bathroom polka dot wallpaper

While one of the benefits of peel and stick wallpaper is that you can easily change it out, don’t forget that this kind of wallpaper is also made to last! Use it to decorate the bathrooms in your home, and rest easy knowing the polka dot wallpaper won't be going anywhere…until you're ready for a new look.

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