Herringbone wallpapers

Herringbone wallpaper is more than a mere decorative element; it’s a defining design tool that drastically impacts any interior. With 56 distinct herringbone wallpaper designs at your disposal, the collection caters to every style and mood. You will find everything from intricate tile-like designs to large-scale herringbone patterns, each ready to breathe life into your space. Whether your heart is set on a vibrant green print for an energizing atmosphere or a muted black and white design for a touch of sophistication, there is a herringbone wallpaper for you.

The beauty of herringbone wallpaper for walls lies in its versatility. Its unique pattern introduces movement and depth, transforming even the most minimalistic spaces into textured visual delights. Whether you want to bring a modern aesthetic into a living room or a classical charm to a bathroom, herringbone wallpaper effortlessly achieves the desired effect. This is an ideal choice for those who appreciate the captivating interplay of linearity and creativity inherent in a herringbone design.

Finally, we ensure the wallpaper installation process is as seamless as the designs. All patterns are available in two PVC-free options: peel and stick or non-pasted wallpaper. If you’re looking for a quick yet impactful room makeover, the peel and stick herringbone wallpaper is your ally. Meanwhile, our non-pasted wallpapers provide a more traditional application process. Both options are removable, facilitating easy updates whenever you’re ready for a new look. Rediscover the elegance of herringbone patterns with our wallpaper collection and make a stylish statement in every room.

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Table of contents

Herringbone pattern wallpaper

Herringbone pattern wallpaper is becoming more and more popular due to its capacity to be used for both traditional and modern designs. It’s quite possible that you have seen and admired a herringbone pattern many times, but didn’t know this design had a name. We sure love the recent take on the age-old herringbone trend that gives it a bit of a modern angle.

Herringbone pattern wallpaper comes in many different styles, colors, textures, and variations. No matter what your style is, you can be sure that there is a herringbone pattern that’s a perfect match for it.

Historically, the herringbone pattern became widely known and commonly used in the flooring around the 17th century in Baroque-eras Europe. Herringbone is made of up blocks arranged in a repetitive zig-zag pattern and is named after it resembles the skeleton of a herring fish.

During the Roman Empire, the herringbone pattern was used in road paving systems that would move people and products more efficiently. While the earliest examples of the herringbone pattern can be seen in the Ancient Egyptian jewelry and fabric pieces in Ancient Italy, designers today are using it in every aspect of the home, from kitchen to bathroom to living room.

All in all, Herringbone pattern peel and stick wallpaper is a fast and simple way to create iconic but still modern home decor, as it can be done over a coffee break. The best part about herringbone is that it can be designed using multiple approaches – black & white, colorful, or in a more abstract brush stroke style. The choice is ultimately up to your design feel – get inspired with some of the examples we have provided down below and then try some out yourself!

The color palette & styles for herringbone wallpaper

Herringbone wallpaper can make the simplest spaces to look more eye-catching, and the ways you can incorporate this pattern into your interior design are endless.

A small herringbone pattern can make an excellent backsplash, while using a larger herringbone pattern works great for creating a bold accent wall, which will allow you to choose a simpler design for the rest of the room.

In either case, don’t be afraid to add a splash of color! A brightly-colored herringbone pattern can make the whole space feel more alive even in the most minimalistic rooms. Contrasting colors will make the walls pop out, while similar colors will present a streamlined look to the covered area.

Explore more herringbone peel and stick wallpaper color & style ideas down below!

  • Delicate herringbone pattern wallpaper
    Minimalistic herringbone pattern is one of the best selling herringbone wallpapers, and for a good reason – it can literally fit into any room and style to add a little structure & texture to the selected space.
  • Textured herringbone peel and stick wallpaper
    Textured herringbone pattern wallpaper is one of the most inspiring wallcoverings. It stands out not only with tactile texture, but also with its ability to create a harmonious feel in the room.What’s more, textured herringbone wallpaper will introduce a subtle addition to otherwise plain walls + and it provides the benefit of masking visual defects like small holes or cracks on the walls.
  • Grey herringbone wallpaper
    Beige-grey or grey-white herringbone pattern wallpaper will seduce you with its playful glamour. It can serve just as well as an anchor to more bold designs, but, even by itself, grey will bring a modern touch to a classic herringbone pattern.
  • Blue herringbone removable wallpaper
    Blue herringbone wallpaper is the ultimate trend for 2021 – with countless shades of blue to choose from, everyone can adjust this wallpaper to their wishes and existing interiors.
    For instance, you can choose a baby blue herringbone wallpaper for nurseries and kids rooms to create a soothing atmosphere, while darker shades of blue will be perfect in a home office, as they help to maintain concentration.
  • Wood herringbone pattern
    Wood herringbone wallpapers will add warmth and character to a home of any style – from modern Scandinavian to traditional farmhouse interiors.
  • Black and white herringbone wallpaper
    Making an impression has never been so easy as with monochrome black and white herringbone wallpaper on your walls. It works particularly well for creating an elegant, classic feel in your personal space.
  • Navy herringbone peel and stick wallpaper
    Bring calm to a busy home with glamorous navy herringbone pattern wallpaper – it is the easiest way to bring a serene atmosphere into any corner.
  • Black herringbone wallpaper
    Introduce the geometrical style to your interior with a century-old classic – black herringbone pattern wallpaper is guaranteed to suit a room of any style, from vintage to modern.
  • Modern herringbone pattern
    Traditional herringbone pattern creates a zig-zag effect across the wall, but if you want it to stand out more, try different herringbone pattern styles: a row of traditional blocks followed by a row of squares, straight lay, skinny extra long herringbone, double herringbone, block basket weave, or double dot and dash.
  • Wood boards + herringbone pattern wallpaper
    If you want to add nature-inspired detail to your space, you can achieve an organic look for your walls by pairing wood boards with herringbone peel and stick wallpaper.

Herringbone peel and stick wallpaper

Using herringbone peel and stick wallpaper, you can easily add architectural details to any space – use it for an accent wall, a full room makeover, DIY furniture, and any other kind of home project.

Once you have received the herringbone pattern in your perfect style and color, simply cut the peel and stick wallpaper to size, remove the backing, and stick to any smooth, clean surface. Fancy Walls wallpapers are super easy to install and mess-free — perfect for wallpaper newbies.

In addition, thanks to the characteristics of removable wallpaper, you can also experiment with different herringbone pattern styles – no need to stick to one look for several years. Just pull it off the walls in full sheets when it’s time to redecorate! It’s also a perfect solution when you’re looking for something temporary or if you live in a rental property.

On the other hand, Fancy Walls peel and stick wallpapers are also extremely durable and long-lasting. No need to worry about it falling off the wall months later – our peel and stick wallpapers won’t peel off paint or damage your walls.

We only print our peel and stick wallpaper designs on safe, environmentally friendly and PVC-free material, thereby all of our designs are perfectly suited for decorating nurseries as well.

To summarize, here are the top reasons for choosing herringbone removable wallpaper by Fancy Walls:

  • Get an instant, ready-to-use look for your home
    You can be sure that things won’t get messy and time-consuming with self-adhesive wallpaper. There’s no need to soak or paste your walls before applying. All you need to know is just a thing or two about correctly attaching the wallpaper to your walls – these instructions will come along with your order. Plus, you can reposition the stick-on wallpaper up to 24 hours after hanging it.
  • Save time & money
    You don’t have to hire someone to hang or remove your wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpapers are easy to apply without any of the headaches traditionally associated with wallpaper. They act as a large sticker – just peel off the backing and stick it to your wall!
  • Change the design at any time
    There are endless choices in style, texture, color & finish. You can be sure that you’ll find more than just a few self-adhesive wallpaper designs that speak to your soul.Peel and stick wallpapers are perfect for renters – customize your space as you wish without the fear of damaging the walls. They’re also great for those whose taste tends to change over time – change up a whole room or an accent wall seasonally.

    When you’re ready to remove your self-adhesive wallpaper, simply pull each panel away from the wall. The wallpaper will come off easily and the process itself won’t cause any damage to your wall.

  • Maintain it with zero effort
    Our wallpapers are water & fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain. It means that you can hang them in literally any room – from the kitchen to the nursery.

Herringbone peel and stick wallpaper are not only about delivering a beautiful visual impact. The pattern attracts the eye in different directions, drawing them into rooms, towards artwork, and creating a visual point of interest in the selected space. To get you inspired for a little herringbone makeover, we’ve rounded up the latest herringbone wallpaper trends & ideas for 2021:

  • Herringbone wood wallpaper
    Herringbone wood wallpaper will work especially well for updating walls in rooms with a rustic, Scandinavian or modern design. These wallpaper designs come in different colors to seduce you with their playful charm. Furthermore, herringbone patterns tend to add a three-dimensional feel to any space.
  • Herringbone wallpaper for living room
    Scandinavian or minimalist style herringbone wallpaper is one of the most popular choices when decorating living rooms. The best part is, that there’s no need to cover the entire room or wall with a herringbone pattern. Whether you want to use it as an accent for a bookcase shelf or use it as a trim or chair rail covering, you can easily go for it with a single panel of wallpaper.
  • Herringbone wallpaper for nursery
    Baby blue, pink or beige herringbone wallpaper for nurseries has been a top choice for years, and 2021 is not an exception. Likewise, black & white delicate herringbone patterns are often used in nurseries as well. Altogether, we’ve seen herringbone pop up in so many different styles of nurseries & kid’s rooms, that we simply can’t understate how versatile it is.
  • Herringbone wallpaper for bathroom
    You might think that peel and stick wallpapers are just a temporary joy, but actually, they can last for years! It means that you can safely use a herringbone removable wallpaper in your bathroom. Usually, the minimalist Scandinavian herringbone pattern prevails when it comes to bathroom wall covering.

Personalised herringbone wallpaper

While herringbone pattern wallpaper is making huge waves in interior design trends, you still have the opportunity to adapt this pattern to your wishes. Maybe you are looking for a custom color or a specific size? Or maybe you want to produce your unique design?

Fancy Walls offer to customize the wallpaper according to your needs and ideas. We can bring your custom ideas to life!


What is a herringbone pattern?

Herringbone is a geometric pattern made of equal size rectangles. The rectangles are placed in a zigzag at a 45° angle to each other and resemble the bones of a herring, hence the name. The herringbone pattern is commonly used in interior design – from floors to tiles to textiles and wallpaper, and is one of the most classic and timeless elements you can add to your interior.

Quite often the herringbone pattern is mistaken for the chevron pattern. The main difference between the two is that herringbone blocks are always 90° rectangles and form a zigzag pattern, whereas chevron blocks are cut at a 45° angle and create a V pattern.


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