Whether you’re a new parent or expecting your little bundle of joy, there’s something incredibly heartwarming about personalizing your baby’s nursery. Making the space a reflection of your love, excitement, and dreams for your child is a joyous process. If you’re looking for a unique and customizable option, nursery name murals can be perfect.

At Fancy Walls, we present a palette of six nursery-name mural designs suitable for every taste – boys, girls, or neutral nurseries. Each mural brings a distinctive touch to the nursery; you can customize them with your baby’s name! Let’s dive into these extraordinary designs.

Spruce Forest: An Enchanting Nature Retreat for the Nursery

Spruce forest wall mural - nursery name mural design by Fancy Walls

This nature-inspired mural brings the serenity of a conifer forest into your nursery. The main color of the mural is green, featuring a pattern of plants and trees against a soothing beige background. The designer comments that the mural creates a natural vibe, perfect for little explorers. This mural is available for customization with your baby’s name. All our murals come in nursery-friendly PVC-free wallpapers, offering a Peel & Stick or Non-pasted option, ensuring no glue, no mess & no stress during installation.

Colorful Tree: A Playful Touch of Whimsy for the Nursery

colorful forest mural - custom name design for nursery by Fancy Walls

Stepping into a slightly different vibe, the Colorful Tree mural paints a vibrant picture on a dusty blue background. The mural is an aesthetic blend of whimsical trees in various shades of green. This mural allows incorporating your baby’s name, making it more personal and special.

Mountain View: An Adventurous Theme for Young Explorers

The Mountain View Name Wall Mural offers a fantastic choice if you’re aiming for a fun, playful touch. This design will ignite a sense of adventure in your child, featuring a panorama of colorful mountains on a dusty blue background. Customizing the mural with your baby’s name makes this an even more compelling choice.

Rainbow Delight: A Burst of Joy for a Vibrant Nursery

Add a splash of color to your nursery with the Rainbow Name Wall Mural. This mural showcases a large, beautifully designed rainbow on a light blue background, perfect for sparking joy and positivity. Make this mural even more special by adding your baby’s name.

Beige Blossom: A Modern Floral Accent for a Chic Nursery

Boho floral wall mural - nursery name mural design by Fancy Walls
Children’s wicker bed for babies in the interior of the children’s room in light beige tones in the Scandinavian styl

The Beige Blossom Name Wall Mural is an ideal choice for those who love a modern, chic look. The design is a tasteful blend of a floral pattern on a light beige background. Customize it with your baby’s name to add that personal touch that makes all the difference.

Dreamy Watercolor City: An Eclectic Choice for a Creative Nursery

Watercolor city wall mural - nursery name mural design by Fancy Walls

Bring a bit of urban charm to your nursery with the Dreamy Watercolor City Name Wall Mural. This mural portrays a light and airy watercolor cityscape on a blue background. The option to customize with your baby’s name brings a personal touch to this eclectic design.

These nursery murals are not only suitable for the nursery; feel free to place them in any space that needs a touch of personality and color. At Fancy Walls, we believe in providing designs that cater to your unique taste and resonate with your style. After all, your baby’s room reflects your love for them.

Remember, all our wallpapers are nursery-friendly, printed with water-based inks, and come pre-cut in panels for easy installation. Choose the Peel & Stick version for a no-glue, no-mess, and no-stress installation process.

Customize your baby’s nursery with Fancy Walls – because every wall deserves to be fancy!

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