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Pink wallpaper infuses a room with warmth, elegance, and playfulness. From soft blush tones to bold, hot pink hues, our collection presents a tapestry of designs to suit your style. Our wide range of pink wallpaper for walls, boasting 265 unique designs, caters to all tastes, whether you’re drawn to modern patterns or prefer preppy pink classics. Each design is available in two PVC-free wallpaper types: the OEKO-TEX certified, GreenGuard Gold certified peel and stick wallpaper printed with water-based inks, and the FSC-Mix certified non-pasted wallpaper.

The pink peel and stick wallpaper is a favorite among many for its convenience and variety. This collection’s designs range from charmingly cute hearts to timeless rose floral patterns. With a blend of light, baby pink to the more daring dark pink, you can create an atmosphere ranging from gentle tranquility to vibrant cheerfulness. The versatility of pink makes it a fantastic choice for any room, be it a sophisticated living room, a funky bedroom, or even a girly nursery.

Peel and stick wallpaper pink adds an undeniable charm to your interior. It effortlessly complements other colors, with designs showcasing stunning combinations such as pink and white, blue and pink, pink and red, or even green and pink. Whether you’re designing a collage feature wall or seeking a plain pink background to accentuate your furniture, our collection delivers. Not forgetting our non-pasted pink wallpaper for kids’ rooms, presenting delightful patterns to ignite young imaginations and offer a bright, uplifting environment.

Our pink wallpaper range is not just about color; it’s about evoking emotions and creating unique experiences. If you’re aiming for a soft, romantic ambiance, opt for our soft pink or blush wallpaper designs. Alternatively, our hot pink or black and pink options would be ideal if you’re looking for something more exciting and energetic. We offer dark pink wallpapers with modern designs for those seeking a chic and stylish aesthetic. Our pink wallpaper collection is the perfect palette to paint your dream interior. Let your creativity bloom with our stunning pink wallpapers, blending quality, style, and environmental consciousness.

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Table of contents

Peel and stick wallpaper in pink

At Fancy Walls, all of our pink wallpaper designs are available as peel and stick wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpaper is a great solution for both short-term and long-term applications, and has many advantages. For example, pink wallpaper peel and stick designs don’t require the use of wallpaper paste or glue, making the application and removal process easier than ever. Simply peel off the backing paper and stick it onto your chosen surface – like a big sticker. Whenever you feel like it’s time for a change, just peel it off!

Another advantage of our adhesive wallpapers is that they don’t shrink over time. It means that you won’t have to create an overlap when applying it to your wall. This is especially handy when using a floral wallpaper, as it will allow you to align the wallpaper panels precisely and achieve a stunning, seamless floral pattern on your wall.

Pink removable wallpaper

Our pink removable wallpaper is made from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. We’ve made sure that our pink peel and stick wallpaper is PVC-free, making it a safe choice for your home decor. It doesn’t contain any harmful substances and is made from 100% polyester woven fabric, and printed with water-based, odorless inks. The textile woven finish guarantees the same vibrancy of colors as vinyl wallpapers, so you can be certain that your new pink wallpaper will have the best possible appearance!

The beauty of using our removable wallpaper is that you can easily take it off in one piece. Start at the corner of the panel, and remove the wallpaper either up or down, working parallel to the surface. Just remember not to overstretch it during the removal process. In case of resistance, use a regular blow dryer to heat the surface.

All of our removable wallpaper pink designs come in 19” inches (48cm) wide panels. You can choose between 48”, 96”, 108”, 120” for the length of the panel. There is also the possibility to order 38” inches (96 cm) wide peel and stick wallpaper panels upon prior request. Feel free to contact us for this size option.

Pink floral peel and stick wallpaper

Pink floral peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to change the look of your home without making a big commitment. Floral patterns are always in style and give us the chance to bring a bit of nature into our homes. There’s an endless variety of pink patterns and shades available, so there’s a pink floral wallpaper for every taste. Let your imagination run wild and create the exact feeling you desire with your new wall decor.

Pink floral removable wallpaper adds depth to the room, and interior designers use it in many different ways. Choosing pink floral patterns in bold shades can make a great accent wall, and more subtle, calm shades of pink florals can tie together the whole interior. In floral patterns, pink is often combined with other colors. Take a look at some of the most trendy color combinations of pink floral wallpaper.

Blue and pink floral wallpaper

  • Blue and pink is a great color combination when it comes to interior design. Both are known to have a calming effect, and as a result, blue and pink floral wallpaper is often used in living rooms and bedrooms. Adding this color combination to a floral pattern creates charming wall decor. Our pink and blue floral wallpaper looks great when used as an accent wall piece.
  • If you’re looking for a more subtle look, navy and pink floral wallpaper is the way to go. Lighter shades of pink and navy blue contrast with each other perfectly, leaving space for other statement pieces to stand out in your interior. Our pink and dark blue floral wallpaper has a bit of a vintage vibe, and would be the perfect addition to a dining room.

Light pink floral wallpaper

  • Light pink floral wallpaper works well in smaller spaces or rooms without lots of natural light. Lighter shades of pink can make the room appear bigger than it is, and floral patterns add a soft, feminine touch. This pink geometric floral wallpaper would look stunning in a bathroom or powder room. For the perfect look, complement it with natural-looking decor or furniture.
  • Watercolor pink floral wallpaper is a more artsy way of elevating your interior design. Watercolor designs work well as murals, making the whole wall a big piece of art. Our plumeria wallpaper has beautiful floral details, and would look gorgeous in any room!
  • White and pink floral wallpaper is a safe choice for those who want to incorporate pink in their interior design one step at a time. This ditsy floral wallpaper with its white background has just the right amount of pink details to make it stand out but blend in at the same time.
  • Pastels are a true classic when it comes to wall decor. They are calming and soothing for the eyes, and can greatly impact your mood. Coming home to a relaxing space after a long, busy day is really important. You can easily bring this calm vibe into your home with pastel pink floral wallpaper. A design such as this seamless pink floral wallpaper features a beautiful pastel color palette and detailed floral pattern that would perfectly fit into a bedroom.
  • Blush pink floral wallpaper is a more chic way of decorating your space. While pink is still present in these designs, it is very calm and won’t overpower the rest of the interior. A pattern like our tulip wallpaper has a fine balance between blush pink and black and white. Adding more pink elements as part of your furnishings and decor can help you achieve a cozy look.

Colorful pink floral wallpaper

  • Another upcoming trend for pink wallpaper for walls to keep an eye on is hot pink floral wallpaper. The floral motif together with hot pink truly adds some character to your space. It’s definitely a more bold choice, and might feel a bit overwhelming if you use it to cover the whole room. Consider creating a statement wall in your home with this hot pink floral wallpaper. Hot pink won’t go unnoticed and will certainly add that extra dose of energy to your interior.
  • If you enjoy a more colorful look, try pink and purple floral wallpaper. Both colors are often seen in nature and create a vibrant atmosphere. Purple is known to be cheerful and playful, and it perfectly elevates pink floral patterns. For example, our pink floral wallpaper would be a great addition to a kids’ room.
  • Green and pink floral wallpaper creates a natural feeling, as we can often find these colors together in nature. With more stylised shapes and lighter tones, pink and green floral wallpaper makes beautiful decor for a kids’ room or nursery. Imagine this cute pink and green floral wallpaper in your child’s room!
  • Gray and pink floral wallpaper brings back the vintage vibes. Gray and pink go hand in hand when it comes to wallpaper designs, especially floral patterns. Whether you want to recreate your grandma’s living room or add a splash of old time glamour to your dining room, our vintage rose wallpaper gets the work done.

Hot pink peel and stick wallpaper

Hot pink has become a major trend in 2022, from fashion runways to interior design elements. It’s bright, bold and energetic – and hot pink peel and stick wallpaper can elevate the look of your space to a whole new level. You can get extra creative with this color and apply it to other surfaces, not just your walls. For example: ceilings, the back of a shelf or a kitchen cabinet door. Even a small amount of hot pink won’t go unnoticed and will liven up the whole interior.

Pink aesthetic wallpaper

Pink aesthetic wallpaper is a universal choice for those who love a well-rounded look, where every detail is thought through. Light pink aesthetic wallpaper works as an alternative to beige and can be used in combination with other soft colors, just like our boho aesthetic neutral wallpaper.

Pink wallpaper aesthetic has become quite popular in recent years, as we use pink in more versatile ways and longer associate it only with the feminine side of things. There are many different variations of pink aesthetic wallpaper, ranging from rose pink, pastel pink, and peach pink, to neon pink and hot pink. For every shade of pink you can think of, there is a pink wallpaper roll waiting for you.

Pink preppy wallpaper

Pink preppy wallpaper adds a funky touch to a traditional interior. Preppy pink wallpaper often has a white or neutral background and bolder color accents. Our preppy wallpaper pink design is a great choice for a teenager’s room, showing a bit of a character and leaving enough space to add some personality to the room with wall art and decor. Another funky design is hot pink preppy wallpaper. Why not immerse yourself in the most trendy color of the year!

Rose pink wallpaper

Pink rose wallpaper is nothing but romantic, and it’s perfect for spaces that lack a feminine vibe. If you’re planning a makeover for your powder room, or perhaps want to upgrade your walk-in closet, check out this pink rose wallpaper. Slightly vintage, but modern enough to create a timeless design that you can enjoy for years. Rose pink aesthetic wallpaper makes a stunning accent wall in the bedroom, and light pink rose wallpaper would fit perfectly in a girl’s bedroom.

Pink heart wallpaper

Pink heart wallpaper is a neutral design that easily allows the addition of other interior elements in the room. Its neutrality makes it suitable for any room in the house. Think of this pink heart wallpaper as wall decor in a laundry room, or use it for a play area in a kids’ room. Other popular designs of pink heart wallpaper are wildflower pink heart wallpaper, love pink heart wallpaper, and black and pink heart wallpaper.

Pink butterfly wallpaper

Pink butterfly wallpaper adds an element of nature to your walls. Butterflies are delicate and mysterious, and this pink butterfly wallpaper definitely shows it! It’s no surprise that such a cute pink butterfly wallpaper will catch some attention with its pretty pink background and detailed butterfly shapes.

Pink marble wallpaper

Pink marble wallpaper has made a comeback, and can be often seen in bathrooms and powder rooms. Marble patterns can create an expensive look for a fracture of the price. Wallpaper pink marble designs in bathrooms work to your advantage, since splashes of soap or dirt aren’t as visible and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. To switch it up even more, opt for a rose gold pink marble wallpaper.

Pink kawaii wallpaper

Pink kawaii wallpaper is inspired by the Japanese culture of cuteness. Our pink kawaii cat wallpaper is loaded with cute little cats, making a kids’ room the coziest place in the house. With kawaii pink wallpaper, you can decorate a nursery and then transform it into a toddler’s room. Simply change the furnishings and decor, instead of changing the wallpaper. Who wouldn’t like a kawaii cute pink wallpaper in their room?

Pink cheetah print wallpaper

Pink cheetah print wallpaper is a modern version of the traditional cheetah print wallpaper which is often associated with the earthy brown color palette. Combine pink cheetah wallpaper with darker furniture to add some contrast to the room. Add a couple of green plants and you’ve got the perfect look.

Girly pink wallpaper

Girly pink wallpaper is a popular choice for a girls’ bedroom. Redecorate your daughter’s room with this pink girly lips wallpaper, and make a stylish space that is suitable for studying, relaxing and having fun. Pink girly wallpaper has a feminine, playful touch, perfect for a young girl’s room. If you want to add a bit of a mystery to the playful pink, opt for a girly black and pink wallpaper.

Pink collage wallpaper

Pink collage wallpaper is a really fun way of combining different patterns and styles all in one. Our pink aesthetic collage wallpaper is an Instagram-worthy design that makes a beautiful accent wall in any room. A neon pink collage wallpaper would be the perfect addition to a powder room.

Plain pink wallpaper

Plain pink wallpaper is a safe choice if you’re looking to incorporate pink color in your interior. Pink plain wallpaper easily combines with other colors and different styles of furniture and home decor, so you have plenty of room to get creative. Opt for our pink solid color wallpaper to create a simple and beautiful interior.

Pink clouds wallpaper

Pink clouds wallpaper is a cute addition to any kids’ room. Since kids’ rooms serve as multi-purpose spaces where they sleep, relax and study, you can make a designated sleeping area so that your child can better switch between different activities. Wallpaper pink clouds will make them dream the sweetest dreams!

Pink peel and stick wallpaper is a fantastic choice for any home redesign project. Decorating with pink removable wallpaper in lighter shades can help create a relaxing and stylish space, whereas opting for a hot pink wallpaper can add the “wow” effect you may be looking for. Whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term solution, planning to create an accent wall or wanting the whole room covered, pink wallpaper is the way to go.


Is pink peel and stick wallpaper easy to apply?

Yes, pink peel and stick wallpaper is really easy to apply. Simply remove the backing paper and stick the wallpaper onto your wall – like a big sticker.

Can I use pink wallpaper in any room?

You can easily use pink wallpaper in any room. These days pink color isn’t only limited to girls’ rooms, and it looks great in any room of the house.

What kind of pink wallpaper is trending in 2023?

This year, hot pink peel and stick wallpaper is a big trend. Hot pink is bright, bold and energetic, and can elevate the look of your space to a whole new level.


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