Geometric wallpaper

Create an intriguing look for your walls with geometric wallpaper! Whether those are simple stripe or square patterns or more complicated grid and herringbone wallpaper designs, or even intricate mosaics, geometric designs are almost always a spectacular addition to all kinds of interiors. That’s why you’ll find them in all of our product categories – from peel and stick geometric wallpaper to traditional non-pasted, to even large-scale wallpaper murals.

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Geometric wallpaper designs

Geometric patterns have been found on wallpaper since the very beginning of it, as it’s a simple way how to create eye-catching designs. You might think that there’s nothing interesting about straight lines or triangles but put them on a wallpaper in the right layout and suddenly they can look absolutely stunning. Not to mention more advanced designs, like hexagons, grids, or mosaics, that can hypnotize people with their patterns or even create an optical illusion. Therefore, there’s no surprise that they have remained popular to this day!

It should also be mentioned that, as these designs are relatively simple, they’re usually not limited by color, so you can find geometric peel and stick wallpaper in blue, pink, black, and white or almost any other shade. And it’s also very likely that you’ll be able to customize the pattern with your preferred color, helping it blend into your intended interior.

If you’re not sure that you won’t become tired of the pattern over time, you can put up removable geometric wallpaper, which you’ll be able to easily replace with something else any time you like. Meanwhile, if you just want to give the room a memorable touch, consider using a geometric peel and stick wallpaper mural to create an accent wall.

Browse our collection of geometric peel and stick wallpapers, as well as photo murals, to find the right one for the walls of your home!
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