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Experience the elegance of the Roaring Twenties with our Art Deco wallpaper collection, a nostalgic tribute to an era of unparalleled glamour and design sophistication. Often associated with the opulent style of “The Great Gatsby,” Art Deco wallpaper injects your space with the allure of bold geometric patterns and elegant colors reminiscent of this iconic period. With over 115 distinctive designs, this collection offers a diverse palette of choices, each breathing a vibrant life reminiscent of jazz-age parties into your interior spaces.

Each design is available in an easy-to-install peel and stick format and a traditional non-pasted variant, with both options featuring environmentally-friendly PVC-free wallpaper. Whether you’re drawn to the striking symmetry and vivacious spirit of Art Deco peel and stick wallpaper, or appreciate the refined charm of monochromatic patterns in our Art Deco removable wallpaper, there’s something in our collection to satisfy every aesthetic. Immerse yourself in the timeless glamour of the Roaring Twenties with our Art Deco wallpaper collection, and transport your space into an era of unmatched style and exuberance

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Table of contents

The history of art deco design

Up until 1914, the characteristic Art Noveau style was a big hit. When the war ended, people were tired of everything that had transpired, and the dull interiors and buildings simply served as a reminder of their everyday hassles. In order to begin normal life again, people needed something that was filled with beauty and hope. And that’s where the art deco history begins.

Around the 1920s, the term art deco was used across many different fields, ranging from interior design to fashion and cars. But what is art deco exactly? When translated from French, art deco means “decorative art”. Many people connect it mainly to interior design, but it goes way beyond that. It’s closely connected with the interwar period. Apart from interior design, art deco represents architecture and art. Although the art deco style appears chaotic, there are some basic rules that tie together all the elements. One of the most significant things about art deco interior design is that only the richest people could afford lavish furniture and accessories.

Generally speaking, art deco combines traditional and avant-garde details in a very distinct way. It’s characterized by flamboyant and rich decor that was commonly seen in aristocratic houses and apartments in the twenties. The main characteristics of art deco evolved from the repetitive use of linear shapes. Triangles, trapezoids, zigzags, and chevrons were among the most popular ones.

Art deco peel and stick wallpaper

Art deco peel and stick wallpaper is an easy and affordable solution if you’re looking to add some glamour to your home, without making a big commitment. There are many types of wallpaper available these days, ranging from vinyl to paper and textile. However, the wallpaper peel and stick solution is by far the friendliest option for a quick home makeover. Peel and stick art deco wallpaper is made from 100% polyester fabric and is printed with ECO-friendly and odorless, water-based inks. Most importantly, all of our stick-on wallpaper designs are PVC-free, so you can be sure that no harmful chemicals will enter your home!

Art deco removable wallpaper

Art deco removable wallpaper has many benefits. First of all – it’s easy to apply. Peel and stick wallpaper works like a huge sticker. All you have to do is peel the backing paper off the panel and stick it onto your wall. If you notice that the pattern doesn’t align precisely, you can easily reposition the wallpaper panel within 24 hours. Removable wallpaper art deco designs don’t shrink over time, so you don’t have to worry about overlapping the panels.

Second of all, it’s removable. In one piece! Long gone are the days when you had to remove your wallpaper piece by piece. Whenever you feel like your current wallpaper design has served its time, simply peel it off the wall and recycle it. In case of resistance, you can use a standard blow dryer to loosen the adhesive and remove the wallpaper sheet.

Most common art deco styles and colors

Art Nouveau, the Bauhaus, and Cubism played a strong role in the formation of art deco. It took inspiration from American Indian and Egyptian sources, always including something from nature. While the Art Noveau movement highlighted stylized shapes found in nature, art deco emphasized sleek geometry.

Unique in its own way, the art deco style is represented by a variety of colors. You can find both bright and dark colors, mostly in warm shades. Just like any other design style, art deco has developed over time and added darker and more elegant colors to its palette. Colors such as black, charcoal, brown, emerald, and navy blue are commonly used in art deco style wallpaper designs today.

In times like these, when trends are constantly changing and our preferences tend to change over time, it’s good to have so many options to choose from. Luckily, there are plenty of art deco peel and stick wallpaper designs available. You can be sure to find a wallpaper that matches your taste and fits into your home perfectly!

Green art deco wallpaper

Green art deco wallpaper can turn your home from a plain space to a warm and welcoming retreat. The color green is an instant reminder of nature and can be beautifully combined with neutral decor and metallic finishes. Choosing an art deco green wallpaper would be a great option if you’re planning to redecorate a living room or bedroom. These are the spaces where we want to feel most relaxed, and art deco wallpaper in green can certainly create such an atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with this emerald green art deco wallpaper or dark green art deco wallpaper.

Black and white art deco wallpaper

Black and white art deco wallpaper is a classic. It brings balance and a timeless feel to any space and can be applied to any design style. If you’re planning on spicing up your long-forgotten dining room, black and white art deco wallpaper is the way to go. Most of the wallpaper black and white designs have a seamless pattern, meaning that it creates stunning wall art in just a few steps. Deciding on what color scheme to stick to can sometimes be challenging. One thing’s for sure – it’s hard to go wrong with black and white art deco wallpaper. This art deco shell wallpaper, for example, is a real charmer!

Blue art deco wallpaper

Blue art deco wallpaper is guaranteed to catch some looks. With so many different variations of blue, you can set any kind of mood you like. Using wallpaper art deco designs in your home renovation doesn’t necessarily mean wallpapering the whole room. You can definitely do it if you’d like, but sometimes creating an accent wall is all you need. Cover your wall with art deco wallpaper in blue, add a couple of gold accents, and voila! If you’re not convinced about an all-blue wall mural, consider blue and white art deco wallpaper.

Great gatsby art deco wallpaper

Great gatsby art deco wallpaper is the perfect representation of luxury and sophistication. In the making of The Great Gatsby movie, interior designers showed great attention to detail and created an exceptional art deco interior. In case you were wondering if it’s possible to have a little piece of that in your own home – it is! With the help of gatsby art deco wallpaper, you can travel back in time and immerse yourself in the twenties glamour. Entering your living room will feel like walking into a movie set!

Art deco bathroom wallpaper

Art deco wallpaper for the bathroom can feature both classic colors and bold designs. Quite often, bathrooms are overlooked during a home renovation. It can be quite expensive to do a full bathroom makeover, especially if a unique, custom interior is your cup of tea. Luckily, you can achieve that with art deco bathroom wallpaper. A few sheets of art deco geometric wallpaper or art deco hexagon wallpaper can completely transform your bathroom. Keep in mind that peel and stick wallpaper adheres best to smooth surfaces that aren’t in constant and direct contact with water.

Pink art deco wallpaper

Pink art deco wallpaper is a must-have for a cozy, feminine bedroom. Bedrooms are more private than other rooms, which means you can add an extra touch of personality, and create an interior to be enjoyed only by you. A wallpaper accent wall behind your headboard is a great way to add some character to your space. You can easily enjoy your new wallpaper art, without it being too overwhelming. Art deco wallpaper pink designs come in a variety of patterns and color combinations. To add a natural touch to the interior, consider using a design like this pink and green art deco wallpaper. For a more dramatic accent, choose this pink and black art deco wallpaper.

Geometric art deco wallpaper

Geometric art deco wallpaper will satisfy every taste. As one of the most timeless patterns, geometric motifs have always kept a steady place in interior design. If you stand by the saying “simplicity is key”, your next wall makeover should definitely include art deco geometric wallpaper. It’s a simple way to add visual interest to any room in your home. Perhaps the living room in your modern city apartment could use a splash of this art deco rhombus wallpaper? Or maybe you’re bored of the old tiles in your bathroom and want to give this art deco geometric wallpaper a try!

Art deco wallpaper mural

Art deco wallpaper murals are used to create that ‘wow effect’ that makes everyone stop and stare. It’s the perfect solution for a dull hallway or a guest bedroom that lacks character. No matter what kind of color scheme you pick, art deco mural wallpaper will make your interior stand out. Incorporating a wall mural in smaller rooms can open up the space and make it seem bigger. Melt the hearts of your guests with this art deco heart wallpaper!

Navy art deco wallpaper pairs beautifully with metallic details and adds a sense of luxury. There’s no question that art deco navy wallpaper will become the life of the party in any room. Don’t be afraid to add navy wallpaper to smaller rooms. Wallpapering one wall gives the room more depth and adds visual interest. If you can’t decide between patterns, you can always order a couple of samples and stick them onto your wall before making the final purchase. We offer free shipping on all orders over $30.

Vintage art deco wallpaper

Vintage art deco wallpaper is for the romantics and dreamers. Whether you’re planning to redecorate a summer cottage for your family and friends to enjoy, or simply want to add a sophisticated vibe to your powder room, 1900 art deco vintage wallpaper would fit in perfectly!

Teal art deco wallpaper

Art deco wallpaper teal designs are rich in color and are often used as an accent. Teal-colored wall decor is a great choice for those who want to experiment with louder hues. It’s easy on the eye and creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Perfect for a hallway or living room wall makeover, art deco wallpaper in teal is a design definitely worth considering. This art deco modern wallpaper would look great in a sunlit living room!

Art deco floral wallpaper

Art deco floral wallpaper is the perfect combination of elegance and nature. Adding a natural touch to your home is especially important in urban environments, where access to green spaces can be limited. With floral patterns, you can easily bring a tiny piece of outside – inside. Floral art deco wallpaper comes in a variety of colors. If you prefer a neutral color palette, check out this beige art deco floral wallpaper that would make a stunning bedroom accent. For those who are looking to add more color to their interior, a design like this blue and pink art deco floral wallpaper would be a great option.

Red art deco wallpaper

Red art deco wallpaper is a bold design choice, suitable for those who like to add a bit of character to their interiors. The color red is known to increase your metabolism, so you might want to avoid wallpapering your bedroom or living room walls from floor to ceiling with this color. On the other hand, this art deco shell wallpaper would make a striking kitchen backsplash. If this pattern sparks your interest, you can change the color to red in the “pattern color” drop-down menu.

1920s art deco wallpaper

Although new trends are constantly emerging, 1920s art deco wallpaper has earned a steady place among interior designers and DIY home renovators. With timeless designs like these, you can be sure that your newly decorated wall will be in style for years to come, if not forever!


What does art deco mean?

When translated from French, art deco means “decorative art”. Apart from interior design, art deco also represents architecture and art.

What colors are typical for the art deco style?

Black, charcoal, brown, emerald, and navy blue are the most commonly used colors in art deco style wallpaper designs today.

What are the main characteristics of art deco?

The main characteristics of art deco have evolved from the repetitive use of linear shapes. Triangles, trapezoids, zigzags, and chevrons are among the most popular ones.


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