Seamless geometric retro pattern peel and stick wallpaper


Retro geometric peel and stick wallpaper

Safe for home – Printed on PVC-free & Oeko-Tex certified textile
ECO-friendly inks – odorless and water-based
Easy to install & remove – Peel and stick + Removable
1-week shipping to U.S. & Europe – Order today and receive in 1 week
Customizable –  Change pattern to ANY COLOR



This self-adhesive wallpaper with pink geometric pattern will give your room brightness. Because of its shape, it  would look attractive in a room filled with simple wooden furniture, but looks good in any other room. You can also choose any other color based on your interior and your taste.


Sample – 19" x 19" (48 x 48 cm), 19” x 48” (48 x 122 cm), 19” x 96” (48 x 244 cm), 19” x 108” (48 x 274 cm), 19” x 120” (48 x 305 cm)

Pattern color

Original color (like in a preview), Petal, Mustard, Olive Green, Brown, Dark Aqua, Mauve color, Waterfall, Moss, Seafoam, Red, Grass, Sky Blue, Black, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Rose, Charcoal, Emerald Green, Peach color, Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Bright Blue, Lavender, Navy Blue, Marigold, Gray, Teal, Your color (leave a comment in the next step)


Do peel and stick wallpaper work in bathrooms?
Yes, our clients often order it for bathrooms since it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and has strong adhesives. However, it shouldn’t be placed on the wall where it might have direct contact with water (shower, etc.).
Can the wallpaper be applied to the furniture?
Yes, our wallpaper is often ordered for dollhouses, cabinets, pantries, and other DIY projects.
Can you put peel and stick wallpaper on the ceiling?
You can put peel and stick wallpaper on walls and ceiling. Due to advanced adhesives, our peel and stick wall covering will stick perfectly to most surfaces. Even hard to stick surfaces. Most important the surface is flat and clean of dust.
Does peel and stick wallpaper remove easily?
It depends on the surface you are applying our wallpaper. In most cases, it will come off easily.
What is the best peel and stick wallpaper?
The best peel and stick wallpaper is the wallpaper, which meets your needs and requirements. For example, we sell PVC free textile, which is also nursery and child room-friendly material. Moreover, it has stronger adhesives and will not peel off as often Vinyl wallpaper does. If you are looking for a good quality product that will stay on your wall our textile is the answer to your needs.
Can the wallpaper be applied to the other wallpaper?
Most likely our peel and stick textile will stick to other wallpaper. The problem might be the removal process since most likely it would damage the old wallpaper due to contact of the adhesive layer on the back of the wallpaper and the old wallpaper on your wall.
How many wallpaper sheets do I need?
Can I apply the wallpaper myself or should it be done by a professional?
Our wallpaper is easy to apply, so everyone should be able to do it themselves. However, if you’re not sure that you can do it right, you can always have a professional to do it.
Can I use the wallpaper on bathroom walls?
We don’t recommend using wallpaper for rooms that are exposed to high levels of moisture, as it can negatively affect the material in the long term.
Is this wallpaper removable?
Yes, the wallpaper can be removed from the wall without damaging it. However, we don’t recommend applying the wallpaper on bare drywall, you should use at least a primer for a proper wallpaper installation on such walls. By the way, removal instructions are included altogether with each order.
Does peel and stick wallpaper ruin my walls?
The peel and stick wallpaper we sell is removable and shouldn’t damage the wall in most cases if you follow the application and removal instructions included with wallpaper packaging. You shouldn’t apply peel and stick wallpaper on the freshly painted walls to damage the painting during the removal.
Do you offer a traditional unpasted wallpaper?
Yes, any design can be also printed on traditional unpasted wallpaper, which is available in 26″ wide wallpaper sheets. This wallpaper must be applied using PVA or other adhesives. You can calculate the number of required sheets and the price using our traditional wallpaper calculator.

Shipping & Returns


Items are produced and shipped within 2-3 business days once the order has been placed.
During the holiday season, production time is 2-5 business days.
FedEx shipping to the US & Canada and Europe can take from 2 to 3 business days. We offer free FedEx shipping for all orders over $20.

Returns and refunds

As the wallpapers are made to order, we do not offer refunds/returns (of course, if the item you receive is damaged, we will replace it with a new one).

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