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Explore the bedroom wallpaper design ideas by Fancy Walls down below to find the perfect solution for your home. Each day begins and ends with the bedroom, so we believe that this part of the home must be decorated with special thought and care, paying attention to even the smallest details. We offer a variety of beautiful peel and stick wallpapers for bedrooms of any taste.

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Bedroom wallpaper ideas

Bedroom wallpaper ideas vary from bold to relaxing design approaches, but one thing is certainly clear - removable wallpaper will never leave a boring or monotonous impact on your interior.

You can use wallpaper to create a unified look for all of the walls or to split your bedroom into separate areas, or to create a balance between neutral and bright hues. Remember, that you can also make a big impact with just a small change - for example, an accent wall can instantly draw attention to a single focal point in your bedroom.

Don't be afraid to experiment with wallpaper designs. Here at Fancy Walls, we offer both solid color wallpapers, as well as the most trendy design patterns. Did you know that patterned wallpaper can be mixed between and therefore change the scale of furniture or the scale of an entire room? Here are a few quick ideas for mixed bedroom wallpaper:
  • Combine patterns of different sizes
    Use a large-scale pattern as the dominant pattern and combine it with medium- or smaller scale pattern pop-ups. For instance, you can stick a classic herringbone pattern wallpaper on your furniture and decorate the walls with stunning large-scale floral patterns.
  • Use adjacent colors
    Several different patterns in various colors might feel too overwhelming while using a single color palette will hold the look together.
  • Try using one pattern in different styles
    Another brilliant bedroom wallpaper idea is to mix and match the same pattern in different styles. First, choose the theme of your pattern - for example, let’s say the bedroom will have a design of vertical lines. In that case, you can complement it not only with other patterns of geometric lines, but also with a brushstroke pattern as well. Order samples of the designs you want to combine so that you can place them together and see if your eyes agree with this idea.

Self-adhesive bedroom wallpaper

Trends in self-adhesive bedroom wallpaper come and go, and that’s why it might feel tiring to stick to one design, while there are always so many other beautiful bedroom peel and stick wallpaper variations available.

Furthermore, whenever you don’t want anything permanent on your bedroom walls (for example in the case if you're renting your home), a simple peel and stick solution might work the best for you. Removable wallpaper gives you all the flexibility needed - once you’re ready to switch things up, simply peel the wallpaper off the wall and replace it with something else. Not to mention that removable wallpapers come in a wide selection of designs, providing more versatility than any other element of interior decoration.

Traditional or unpasted bedroom wallpaper

What we call traditional wallpaper is a type of non-woven wallpaper that is not self-adhesive. While traditional non-woven wallpaper can also be removed easily (often in one piece), it’s usually created with the intention that it will not be removed for at least several years, if not more

Traditional non-pasted wallpaper is an effective design choice, as its material has the ability to breathe more texture & depth into your walls. From single-colour navy blue designs to a bold herringbone pattern print, traditional bedroom wallpaper ideas are nearly endless.

Color palette & styles for bedroom wallpaper

Bedroom self-adhesive wallpaper is a great solution for turning plain or unappealing walls into an almost gallery-like space. But what color, style and design should you choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are the bedroom wallpaper ideas that our customers love the most - explore color palettes, patterns & styles down below:
  • Blue bedroom wallpaper
    Blue creates a soft, calming and fulfilling atmosphere - just imagine, what an impact this color could make on your bedroom walls! Use bold blue with cool undertones to accent a wall in a bedroom with cool neutrals such as gray or white.
  • Green bedroom wallpaper
    Green isn’t just for gardens. From olive to emerald, adding a pop of green has the power to transform any bedroom. Since green is a naturally pleasant color for human eyes, it will create a refreshing and comforting feel in your bedroom.
  • Red bedroom wallpaper
    As a primary color, red may convey excitement, passion and energy. You can choose bold red as a bedroom accent wall color to add more romance and passion or emphasize red autumn hues to create a calmly nostalgic mood.
  • Purple bedroom wallpaper
    If you plan on redesigning your bedroom, consider using the darkest shades of purple - like wine or raisin. It will add a deep luxury feel to your bedroom straight away.
  • Face line abstract wallpaper
    Face line wall art became popular in 2020, and it seems like it won’t be leaving the spotlight for some time. This type of wallpaper will fit perfectly into a monochrome-style bedroom.
  • Dynamic stripe wallpaper
    It’s hard to imagine a design simpler than stripes - however, that’s exactly why interiors with stripe accent walls are so elegant and easy on the eyes. .
  • Brushstroke bedroom wallpaper
    You’ll fall in love with the brushstroke pattern from the first look. It has never been easier to bring a splash of color into your bedroom that it is with a brushstroke removable wallpaper. Just make sure you choose the right color pattern to create the atmosphere you have intended.
Are you ready for the hottest bedroom wallpaper trends of 2022? Let’s see this year's must-haves to find the key looks for updating your walls!
  • Maximalism is a big bedroom wallpaper trend for 2022, and it reveals the design world’s wild side. Mix and match different patterns to create a bold bedroom look!
  • Florals - because staying indoors for long periods has made many of us crave the beautiful outdoors. What place is better for creating a calming atmosphere with a floral design than a bedroom wall?
  • Geometric patterns have been a classic bedroom wallpaper trend for many years, yet each season it appears again in different trending styles and patterns. For 2022, repetitive elemental geometric arrangements and monochrome palettes will create the comfort that people find in repeating patterns.
  • Panelled walls paired with removable wallpaper - it’s very likely that you have seen many DIY wood panelled wall videos on the internet, but have you ever thought of combining it with the perfect removable wallpaper design? In our opinion, this is one of the most original wall-covering solutions.

Personalized bedroom wallpaper

As you can see, self-adhesive wallpaper is the game-changer in bedroom design right now, as they provide a quick yet visually appealing solution. Moreover, they come in different pattern, color and design combinations, creating unlimited options for refreshing the look of your bedroom.

Did you know that here, at Fancy Walls, we offer customization opportunities at every step? You can choose a personalized wallpaper size, ask us about a specific tone of color you’d love to see on the chosen pattern, or even send us your own custom pattern!

Moreover, if you can’t decide which bedroom peel and stick wallpaper would be best for your project, you can easily order Fancy Walls wallpaper samples to see how they will look in your intended space.


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