Abstract wallpapers

Abstract wallpaper can invigorate any room with creativity and artistic flair. With over 158 unique designs, our collection can suit every preference, from subtle and soft brush stroke patterns to vibrant geometric designs. Each design is available in PVC-free peel and stick, and non-pasted wallpaper types, ensuring a flexible, eco-friendly solution for your interior decoration needs.

Abstract Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Abstract peel and stick wallpaper from Fancy Walls is not just a design choice. It’s a lifestyle choice. This product is Ideal for short-term and long-term applications. It is a perfect solution for those looking for a convenient, sustainable, and beautiful way to transform their space. As the name suggests, it simply peels off and sticks to your wall, eliminating the need for wallpaper paste or glue. It uses water-based, odorless inks, making it safe for sensitive environments and perfect for DIY projects. It’s made from OEKO-TEX-certified woven textiles, ensuring its harmless impact on human health. Plus, its vibrant colors and high print precision are perfect for creating a stunning visual impact. Easy to care for, it resists water and abrasion, and any stains can be cleaned off with a damp cloth. It’s not just a wallpaper, it’s an effortless way to bring your design vision to life.

Abstract Non-Pasted Wallpaper

Abstract non-pasted wallpaper from Fancy Walls is a classic yet sophisticated option for those planning full home makeovers or looking to revamp commercial spaces. This product provides vibrant colors and high print precision, promising an exquisite aesthetic appeal. It is environmentally friendly, free of glass fiber, plasticizers, solvents, and PVC, and uses ECO-Solvent inks. With a matte finish and a soft touch, this paper-based wallpaper brings a classic look to any space. The best part is it doesn’t shrink over time, which means no overlap and a more visually appealing result. Although it’s not washable, gentle cleaning with a damp cloth can be done. Just remember to purchase non-woven wallpaper paste for installation. Choose our non-pasted wallpaper for a brilliant, long-lasting, quality design solution.

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Different Types of Abstract Wallpaper Patterns:

When it comes to abstract wallpaper, the options are nearly endless. This décor style embraces various artistic expressions and can reflect different eras, techniques, and themes. Here are some popular types of abstract wallpaper patterns:

Abstract 60’s Wallpaper

Abstract 60’s wallpaper brings back the nostalgic charm of mid-century modern design with a contemporary twist. This style often incorporates bold shapes and vibrant colors, encapsulating the revolutionary spirit of the era. It can inject a lively and quirky touch to your space, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a cheerful, retro vibe.

Abstract 80s Wallpaper

Abstract 80s wallpaper is characterized by its bold geometric patterns and a riot of colors, reflecting the exuberance and optimism of this iconic era. This style can breathe life into any room, making it a perfect pick for those who dare to make a strong design statement. The dynamic designs of 80s abstract wallpaper can invigorate a space, inspiring creativity and energy.

Abstract 90s Aesthetic Wallpaper

Abstract 90s aesthetic wallpaper merges the laid-back charm of the 90s with the uniqueness of abstract art. Often showcasing pastel shades, simple shapes, and grunge textures, this style captures the heart of a generation. Ideal for creating a nostalgic yet trendy atmosphere, this type of wallpaper offers an effortless blend of comfort and creativity.

Abstract Art Wallpaper

Abstract art wallpaper introduces a gallery-like ambiance into your interior, transforming your walls into a canvas of artistic expression. Its complex patterns and shapes are perfect for stimulating curiosity and contemplation. This wallpaper style is ideal for anyone looking to make a bold and personal design statement, as it offers many designs ranging from minimalistic and subtle to complex and dramatic.

Abstract Floral Wallpaper

Abstract floral wallpaper marries the timeless beauty of botanical elements with the innovative charm of abstract art. By deconstructing and reimagining flowers and plants into simpler shapes and forms, this wallpaper style offers a modern twist to traditional floral patterns. It can add a refreshing and whimsical touch to your interior, fostering a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Abstract Geometric Wallpaper

Abstract geometric wallpaper plays with shapes, lines, and angles to create striking patterns that can captivate the eye. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking to introduce a sense of order and balance to their space while maintaining a unique and artistic flair. This style of wallpaper is versatile and can harmonize well with various interior design styles, from modern minimalistic to Scandinavian.

Abstract Line Art Wallpaper

Abstract line art wallpaper uses simple, continuous lines to create intriguing forms and shapes. This elegant style can bring a sophisticated and contemporary feel to any room. The simplicity of line art allows this wallpaper to complement a wide range of interiors, adding depth and interest without overwhelming the space.

Abstract Minimal Wallpaper

Abstract minimal wallpaper embodies the philosophy of “less is more”. It often features clean lines, simple shapes, and a muted color palette. This style can offer a calming, clutter-free environment, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a serene and sophisticated aesthetic. The subtlety of minimal abstract wallpaper allows it to enhance the existing features of a room without overpowering them.

Abstract Minimalist Wallpaper

Abstract minimalist wallpaper offers an aesthetic that’s simple yet incredibly impactful. Utilizing basic shapes, colors, and lines, these designs breathe life into a space without overwhelming it. The minimalist approach means each element in the design has a purpose, creating a serene environment that promotes clarity and focus. Perfect for creating an uncluttered, modern space, abstract minimalist wallpaper provides understated elegance to any room.

Abstract Rainbow Wallpaper

Abstract rainbow wallpaper brings a splash of joyous color into your interior. It combines the uplifting hues of a rainbow with the unique forms of abstract art, creating a playful and vibrant aesthetic. This wallpaper style can be a bold centerpiece in a room, evoking happiness and optimism. Whether used in a child’s room or an eclectic living space, abstract rainbow wallpaper will surely bring a smile to your face.

Abstract Retro Wallpaper

Abstract retro wallpaper is an excellent way to incorporate vintage charm with a modern twist. Characterized by bold patterns and vibrant colors, this wallpaper style captures the free-spirited vibe of bygone eras. Ideal for adding personality to your space, abstract retro wallpaper can serve as a bold statement piece or a subtle nod to the past, depending on your chosen design.

Abstract Shapes Wallpaper

Abstract shapes wallpaper explores the artistic potential of basic geometric forms. By deconstructing and reimagining shapes, these designs create an intriguing visual language that can add depth to any room. From the stark simplicity of a monochrome palette to the dynamic energy of multi-colored patterns, abstract shapes wallpaper offers a range of styles that can cater to various aesthetic preferences.

Abstract Wood Wallpaper

Abstract wood wallpaper provides a unique and creative take on traditional wood grain patterns. By emphasizing the organic lines and texture of wood abstractly, this wallpaper style can bring a sense of warmth and natural beauty to your interior. Whether aiming for a rustic charm or a sleek modern look, abstract wood wallpaper can provide an interesting backdrop that adds character to your space.

Abstract Face Wallpaper

Abstract face wallpaper is a stylish choice that adds personality and intrigue to any interior. These designs, which artistically interpret facial forms and features, are perfect for promoting thought and conversation. Whether the style is more Cubist or leans towards simple line art, an abstract face wallpaper brings a human touch to your walls, cultivating creativity and mystery.

Abstract Nature Wallpaper

Abstract nature wallpaper offers a modern, artistic take on the beauty of the natural world. By simplifying and distorting natural elements into shapes and forms, this wallpaper style brings an imaginative charm to your interior. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the tranquility of nature but also desire a more contemporary aesthetic. From minimalistic leaf patterns to vibrant landscapes, abstract nature wallpaper can transform your space into a serene escape.

Abstract Paint Splatter Wallpaper

Abstract paint splatter wallpaper provides a dynamic, energetic feel that can invigorate any space. Its unpredictable patterns and vibrant colors exude artistic freedom reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s work. This wallpaper style can instantly add a creative flair to your room, sparking imagination and making a bold design statement.

Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper

Abstract watercolor wallpaper adds an artistic touch to any room, evoking the beauty and fluidity of watercolor paintings. These wallpapers can create a soothing atmosphere, with their soft lines and washes of color creating a calming and emotional effect. Whether you’re drawn to the gentle merging of pastel shades or the dramatic splash of more vibrant hues, abstract watercolor wallpaper can transform your interior into a work of art.

Abstract Modern Wallpaper

Abstract modern wallpaper embraces the spirit of contemporary design with its clean lines, simple shapes, and innovative use of color. It’s perfect for those seeking a minimalist aesthetic, its designs adding a subtle depth and intrigue to your walls without overwhelming the space. Whether you prefer a monochromatic palette or bold, contrasting colors, abstract modern wallpaper can enhance the modernity of your interior and complement your contemporary decor.

Color plays a significant role in setting the mood and energy of a space. In abstract wallpaper designs, it also plays a vital part in shaping the overall aesthetic and vibe. Let’s explore some popular colors in abstract wallpaper and see how they impact your interior design.

Abstract Black and White Wallpaper

Abstract black and white wallpaper offers a striking contrast that never goes out of style. These designs can bring a sophisticated, modern edge to your interior. Black and white patterns can range from subtle and minimalistic to bold and dramatic, offering many options for your design preferences. Black and white wallpaper is ideal for any room, creating a timeless aesthetic that pairs well with various color palettes.

Abstract Black Wallpaper

Abstract black wallpaper brings an element of bold sophistication to your interior design. It is excellent for emphasizing other colors in the room, creating a dramatic backdrop that allows your furnishings to stand out. Besides, black wallpapers can lend depth and texture to a room, creating a sense of dimension. From subtle shades to deep noir, abstract black wallpaper can set a unique, stylish tone for any space.

Abstract Blue Wallpaper

Abstract blue wallpaper can transport you to the tranquility of the sky or sea right in your own home. Known for its calming effect, blue can create a soothing ambiance perfect for bedrooms or living rooms. From light pastel blues that offer a gentle, serene vibe to deep, rich navy tones that exude sophistication, abstract blue wallpaper can cater to various aesthetic preferences and needs.

Abstract Dark Wallpaper

Abstract dark wallpaper can infuse your interior with a sense of elegance and depth. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Despite its boldness, dark wallpaper can be surprisingly versatile, pairing well with vibrant colors and softer, muted tones. Whether you prefer deep blues, rich blacks, or intense purples, abstract dark wallpaper can provide a dramatic and stylish backdrop for your interior design.

Abstract Orange Wallpaper

Abstract orange wallpaper adds a burst of warmth and energy to your interior design. Associated with creativity and excitement, orange can create a lively and inviting atmosphere. From soft peach tones that offer a subtle, warm glow to bold, fiery oranges that make a statement, abstract orange wallpaper can stimulate a feeling of comfort and enthusiasm within your space.

Abstract Pink Wallpaper

Abstract pink wallpaper infuses a room with a sense of warmth, love, and tranquility. Known for its calming effects, pink can create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. From pale blush tones that offer a touch of romance to bold magentas that bring a vibrant pop of color, abstract pink wallpaper can transform any room into a welcoming and comfortable haven.

Abstract Purple Wallpaper

Abstract purple wallpaper brings a touch of regality and creativity into any space. Historically associated with nobility and luxury, purple can lend an air of elegance and sophistication to your interior. Whether you opt for a soft lavender to create a relaxing environment or a deep plum for a richer, more dramatic effect, abstract purple wallpaper can elevate the style of your space.

Abstract Red Wallpaper

Abstract red wallpaper introduces an element of passion and energy into your interior design. Known to evoke strong emotions, red can create a lively and vibrant atmosphere in any space. From muted, warm shades that offer a cozy glow to bold, fiery reds that make a strong design statement, abstract red wallpaper can add a dynamic and powerful visual impact to your room.

Abstract Blue and White Wallpaper

Abstract blue and white wallpaper merge the calm tranquility of blue with the purity of white, creating a serene and airy atmosphere. This color combination can instantly brighten a room, making it feel larger and more open. From coastal-inspired designs that evoke the feeling of the seaside to more abstract patterns that give a modern twist, blue and white wallpaper provides a fresh and soothing backdrop for your space.

Abstract Green Wallpaper

Abstract green wallpaper brings the calming and refreshing vibes of nature indoors. As a color associated with tranquility and renewal, green can help create a peaceful and comforting atmosphere. From soft, pastel hues that provide a subtle touch of freshness to bold, deep greens that make a vibrant statement, abstract green wallpaper can rejuvenate your interior and provide a harmonious feel.

Abstract Black and Red Wallpaper

Abstract black and red wallpaper bring together the intensity and passion of red with the strength and sophistication of black. This color combination can create a bold and dramatic effect in your interior, ideal for those looking to make a statement. Whether it’s through geometric patterns, brush strokes, or organic forms, black and red wallpaper infuses your space with an exciting and dynamic aesthetic.

Abstract Colorful Wallpaper

Abstract colorful wallpaper is a joyous celebration of life and creativity, a perfect way to breathe life into your interior. This wallpaper style embraces the full spectrum of colors, evoking happiness and energy. The beauty of a colorful abstract wallpaper lies in its versatility – it can complement a range of decor styles, from the most modern spaces to more traditional settings. Add a splash of color to your walls, and watch your space come alive.

Abstract White Wallpaper

Abstract white wallpaper brings a sense of purity, peace, and serenity to your interiors. Known for its simplicity and elegance, white can provide a crisp, clean backdrop that enhances the other elements in your room. An abstract pattern in white can add subtle texture and interest to your walls without overwhelming your space. Whether paired with neutral tones or bold colors, white wallpaper helps to create a balanced and harmonious design.

Abstract Yellow Wallpaper

Abstract yellow wallpaper radiates warmth and happiness, filling your interior with vibrant, sunny energy. Associated with joy, intellect, and inspiration, yellow is an uplifting color that can invigorate any space. Abstract yellow wallpaper can bring positivity and optimism into your room, whether you prefer a soft, pastel yellow for a subtle hint of cheerfulness or a bright, vivid yellow for a more dynamic effect.


What is abstract wallpaper?

Abstract wallpaper features designs that do not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of visual reality. Instead, they use shapes, colors, forms, and gestural marks to achieve their effect. This form of wallpaper can bring an artistic and unique touch to your interiors, making your walls stand out. From simple, minimalistic patterns to complex, vibrant designs, abstract wallpaper can cater to various aesthetics and preferences.

What are the common abstract wallpapers everyone uses?

The beauty of abstract wallpaper is that there are no common or standard designs – each is unique in its own way. However, some popular types include geometric patterns, floral or nature-inspired designs, paint splatter styles, and abstract line art. The design choice largely depends on personal preference and the space’s decor. Colors can range from soft pastels to bold, vibrant hues, further enhancing the versatility of abstract wallpaper.

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