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Are you planning a makeover for a specific room, want to add a dash of color to your interior, or perhaps you just really like a certain style or pattern? Picking a design can get overwhelming when there are so many options available. To make it easier for you to find the wallpaper you’re looking for, we’ve divided all our designs into 4 wallpaper collections. Explore the collections and browse wallpaper by style, pattern, room, or color, and find the perfect design for you!

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By Style

Our wallpapers come in many styles – from minimalist and neutral, to bold and boho. With such a variety of styles, you can be sure to find one that matches your interior and fits right in. Browse our wallpaper by style and prepare for your next home makeover!

By Pattern

Adding patterned wallpaper to your interior elevates the look of the space and helps you create a particular atmosphere. For example, floral patterns are perfect for dreamy bedrooms and powder rooms, while geometric and herringbone patterns keep it classy and stylish. Browse our pattern collection and find your favorite pattern!

By Room

Are you finally ready to give one of your rooms a makeover, but not entirely sure where to start? Many wallpaper designs fit in multiple rooms, but some are definitely more fitting to certain areas than others. Get the ideas rolling and browse our wallpaper designs by room to get inspired for your next project!

By Color

Transform your space by adding a touch of color to it. Even the smallest colorful detail will elevate the look of the room and add more life to it. From soft pastels and neutrals to bold and vivid designs, browse wallpaper by color and find the perfect colorful addition to your home!

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