Non-Pasted Wallpaper Guide

Welcome to our Non-pasted Wallpaper Guide. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or a DIY beginner, we aim to make your decorating process as seamless as possible.

What is Non-Pasted Wallpaper?

Non-pasted wallpapers require a separate adhesive application, but they promise an enduring and sophisticated finish. The process might involve a few more steps than the peel and stick variant, but with our guide, you’ll find it’s a journey worth taking.

At Fancy Walls, our PVC-free & FSC-Mix certified non-pasted wallpapers are a testament to sustainable luxury. Meticulously crafted, they marry eco-friendliness with exquisite design.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Tools you will need for installation

Before commencing with the application, ensure you have all the required tools. Having all tools on hand prior installation provides a smooth process and optimal results.

2. Preparing Your Wall

Ensuring your wall is ready is foundational for an impeccable finish. Discover every crucial step in our video tutorial, from the essentials of wall prep to primer application.

3. Applying the Wallpaper

The application is an art, and our comprehensive guide ensures you master it. From measuring to cutting, learn every step in detail with our video tutorial.

4. Maintaining & Cleaning Your Wallpaper

While non-pasted wallpapers are designed for durability, they benefit from regular care. For the daily dust and occasional stains, a damp sponge is your wallpaper's best friend. Stay clear of harsh chemicals.

5. Removing the Wallpaper

Whether revamping or wrapping up a lease, learn to elegantly part with your non-pasted wallpaper. Learn the techniques and tools for a seamless removal process.

The beauty of non-pasted lies in the control it offers! You decide on the adhesive, ensuring an optimal fit for your space.

Given proper care, your non-pasted wallpaper can remain vibrant and intact for over a decade.

We suggest opting for our Peel and Stick wallpaper, which is splash-resistant and meant for installation in the bathroom.

Ready to start your wallpapering journey?

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